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Comment and kudos are very much appreciated :) <3. Friday said the symptoms resemble that of hydrochloric acid poisoning. The Rouge Avengers are Back in the Tower :D Peter isn't quite sure how to feel at first. Tony could feel Peters flesh, hot and sticky, adhering to his own skin as he did so. The Avengers Find Out Peter Parker is Spider-Man Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Steve Rogers Feels Peter Parker Calls Tony Stark "Dad" Spider Man stumbles into the tower with a serious wound looking for Tony, only to find himself face to face with Captain America and the Black Widow, who aren't supposed to be there. Helen is gonna take amazing care of you, and when you wake up youll feel good as new. Peter tapped something on Tonys wrist, so quickly he almost missed it. The world grieved as the kidnappers gleefully told the devastated parents theyd find his body in the morning. He released Peters hand to ruffle his curls, Peter visibly relaxing at the action. Said Tony dragging Peter out of the apartment to the compound. Please watch: "Hugh Jackman Most Insane Stunts Without A Stunt Double(Part-2) | Performing Stunts On His Own" --~. "I get to go ta London for two weeks! Then of course there were the businessmenfrom Germany, but Peter doubted he'd see them again, especially not after he humiliated them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peter was having a bad day.First Clint dumped a bucket of glitter on him to wake up. Peter Parker Needs a Hug. Bruce took a breath before pulling up his sleeves on his lab coat. Genius billionaire, Tony Stark took Peter in as his own son yet Tony already has a daughter of his own: Katrina . Ned was the first since his house was closer to the school. He looked over at Tony, pretending to be upset. "Mista Stark!" I'm no longer writing these, I do not take requests, and it's rare I even log into this account. "You need to warn a man!" + "Sorry mate, but guess what?" So I'm making us a list of things we gotta do.". Mr. Stark wasn't buying it, however. my goal was to get it up by christmas, but festive family drama got in the way lmao. I didnt know you were so bad at baking, Mr. Stark. Peter giggled as Rhodey went on about the time Tony had tried baking a cake for Rhodeys birthday years ago. ", ------------------------------------------. Mira marica que mierda te pasa.Hoy he tenido un mal dia y tu vienes y me lo empeoras. Now you guys are updated on the cannon of this one shot. (it's my hpf and I get to choose when I have it (no I don't)), (crack treated seriously with mild spots of angst), peter gets kidnapped by HYDRA with his classmates.this is inspired by Scratched Onto The Walls Of My Throat by Mysterycheerio. He knew the kid could understand everything the murderers were saying and they could use that to their advantage "Pity.". Movies ACTION ADVENTURE COMEDY OVERPOWERED GENIUS MARVEL FUTURE UNPRINCIPLED AVENGERS SPIDERMAN 4.51 Tony Stark dies October 17th 2023. (ft. forehead kisses and sweet italian nicknames), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure. He just wanted to help make the world a better place, but instead he got stabbed. Tony then started laughing at Clint rolling in the floor at what Peter was about to do. Now let's stop talking about that and let's go the the compound." The kid just has a way of making almost anyone he meets fond of him. "Mr. Parker, I can inform you that your iq is in fact higher than both Boss and Dr. Due to your own problems, you happened to have been in the same predicament as him. and being the son of Tony Stark, it can really get hectic. He was now in his last class, chemistry, which was his favorite. ", "Thanks." He blinked a few times, a confused look on his face, before he made a feeble attempt at speaking. it may just force this dysfunctional group of people to become a family again. His knee would bounce uncontrollably, his fingers would tap on whatever surface was nearby, and he would pace if he was standing up or squirm if he was sitting down. Stark smiled as well. Around 5:45, Peters eyes fluttered. Peter used his powers to run to Tony's lab in under a minute. The dough, Peter was helping me make them, he was handling it., And he ate a lot of them, too.. Bruce finished. He successfully made a way to see the other Spider-Man again. He didnt really have to, but he made a. first impression on Bruce because of it). Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of the Misfit Toys. Tony chuckled when he saw his friend covering Peters eyes with one flour covered hand. Then why are you here?" You know I wouldnt be doing this if I didnt think youd come out okay. Peters eyes darted across Tonys face for a few seconds more before he tore his hand off of Tonys wrist. A timer chimed and Tony stood to pull a sheet of cookies out of the oven. You didnt know.. Peter reasoned, his voice still weak. Well, all except Tony who was in the floor rolling off laughter at what Peter just said and looked like since he knew Italian and that wasn't far from the language he just spoke but still shocked he knew this language. The Cradle can repair and print new tissue for his hands, no problem. She started. On his way to one of the interviews, he ends up walking into Stark industries, which, whoops his bad, I'm looking for the bathroom miss. ALSO this is heavily inspired by the book what if its us 100% recommend. Peter is determined to do whatever it takes to stop them, even if that means going in over his head when the web of lies and greed turns out to be way more than he signed up for. A chance to do it all over again. The one skill hes never quite been able to master. He missed the smell, the air, the community. The rest of the Rouges started at him in amazement. Peter moaned next to him, breathing heavily. Mira marica que mierda te pasa.Hoy he tenido un mal dia y tu vienes y me lo empeoras. "Peter? If you substitute the peppermint for something else so I can still have some cookies, we can call it even? Peter proposed, lifting his hand from Rhodeys lap. screamed Peter gripping his ear hard and hitting him with his slipper in his hand looking like a one of those movie latin moms. She figured out his identity quickly and they became good friends. Due to a misunderstanding, Deadpool tracks down Peter Parker in an attempt to uncover the information he believes Peter has on Daredevil. Tony immediately regretted letting go of his kid, both his hands pressing hard against the thick glass of the machine. I'll add warnings for anything that goes above something that you'd see in the movies, if anyone thinks I should add a trigger warning just let me know! She walked up to Tony and kissed him on the cheek, giggling at the flour all over the kitchen. He got there to see a giant plate of waffles. I.. The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Marvel Cinematic Universe Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker & James "Rhodey" Rhodes Bruce Banner & Peter Parker Pepper Potts/Tony Stark James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Bruce Banner & Tony Stark Peter Parker & Pepper Potts Bruce Banner & James "Rhodey" Rhodes Characters: He ate some quickly. Peter looked up at Tony with pleading eyes, his body growing weaker by the second. I really wasnt lying When I said I would die for those cookies, you know. Peter assured, causing the room to burst into laughter. Tony brushed Peters sweaty curls away from his face as he coughed once again. One thing the Avengers don't know is how powerful the boy really is. Peter didnt know a lot about why his parents split up. He began retching weakly, Tony and Rhodey now needing to hold him up so he wouldnt fall forward. What about Christmas? Peter asked. Peter is a Little Shit. With a man claiming to know Peters father Richard, trying hard to create a serum that will give him back his arm and the budding romance between Gwen and Peter, things are getting pretty stressful. Then he was late to the bus. Fri, whats going on? Tony asked as Bruce tried asking Peter the same question. "Since aunt May is Italian I know both Italian and Spanish and I also know French and Russian from learning in my free time," said Peter. Essentially, she was allowing him to go back to his home town. or: Nineteen year old Peter Parker navigating his life as a moneyless college student. This was her first major success in repairing internal tissues in the body, and as of now Peters body was taking to the new cells and tissue well. "Just having a bad day." Hey, kiddo. Tony replied quietly, smiling warmly. Mr. Clint, soon realizing his mistake, tried to make a run but Peter was faster and grabbed him by the ear. " There was, of course May, Tony knew that he spoke German, Black Widow and Hawkeye knew about the Russian and Hyun-Ki along with Mee knew about Peter knowing Korean. He did not back down from her steely gaze. and yes I'm writing a Peter Parker Fieldtrip to Stark Industries fic in 2022, what are you gonna do about it? Until they were sure Peter was okay. Peter stiffened, walked over to his dad briskly, patted him on the shoulder and pulled a seat up in between him and Vision. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Oh, did those ever end?" Peter Parker meets the Avengerrrrs Chapter 2: avengers assembley, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction "There's somebody I want you all to meet. Peter stood up and walked over to him. Clint, who didn't understand the threat, gave a wicked grin thinking his plan has worked and Peter was going to his (peters) room. (a collection of loosely-connected one-shots that involve Peter as the main attraction, featuring other characters. Peter looked up at Tony with pleading eyes, his body growing weaker by the second. Neither of them are particularly successful. Peppermint is known to repel spiders, and can be lethal in large quantities. Rhodeys eyes went wide. No matter what anyone said to him, he felt responsible for what happened to Peter. Stark, that storms not looking so good.Mmm. Peter turned, and the color drained out of his face as he caught Happy's disapproving eyes appear from behind his sunglasses. Today I've had a bad day and you come and make it worse. And not die trying. Confused looks were shared around Peter. Peter was beginning to put pieces together he hadnt bothered to before. The Avengers were just amazed at how many languages the youngest one of the knew. Peter had met her when they thought he was on Tony's side in the Civil War. Rhodey and Bruce scooted closer to Peter, and his eyes passed over everyone in the room, trying to piece together what had happened. Peter gets his internship and everything is great even if he has and abusive uncle and all but thats totally not irrelevant. "Oh, just that I don't think I have that high of an iq." (See the end of the work for more notes.). Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child. And lucky for him, hes always learning something new about Peter Parker. Action MCU OC Tigris Corrupted Winter Soldier Avengers Hydra Marvel. Peter was holding his hands up to his mouth, his eyes screwed shut in pain. Well, this could be awkward. Captain America stood tall and regal, nothing like the PSAs Peter had seen throughout his school years. And theres no way of knowing how Peters advanced healing will react with the new tissue.. Peter scaled the building, leaving his backpack behind a dumpster with webs keeping it there, and started to swing to the scene. His dad was on one side of the table, Rhodey and Vision on either side of him. I didn't realize you were staying here.". Will be continued?-Hey guys sorry for no posting but next week I will and new ideas!!!! Christmas dinner had long since been forgotten, no one having much of an appetite after what had just conspired. "Peter sighed again before sheepishly joining in on the planning. Steve said, not fazed. Peter Parker gets to be Passive-Aggressive and Snarky. Aunt May had given Peter permission to do a two week study course in London. He was tapping his shoe and glancing at the clock being impatient. asked Clint with a smug look out of Peters grip and rubbing his head. The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies) Iron Man (Movies) Relationship: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Characters: Peter Parker Tony Stark Nick Fury James "Rhodey" Rhodes Phil Coulson Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Clint Barton Steve Rogers Bruce Banner DUM-E (mentioned) JARVIS (mentioned) Additional Tags: Helen is gonna take amazing care of you, and when you wake up youll feel good as new. Peter tapped something on Tonys wrist, so quickly he almost missed it. The only reason I have so far for the rating is the fight scenes and mental health problems, basically it's about the same level of each as canon is. You should get one too. Tony shouted at the murderers, his hand aimed at one of them, the other two already a target for Natasha and Bird Brain. "Sam, Natasha, Wanda, James, Steven. His ears caught the sound of something skittering and his heart skipped a beat. When he got there, Iron Man was facing off three men, their clothes stained with fresh blood and alien-looking knives in their grip. Looks like Penny has one more thing to worry about. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Its Peter. Tony called out. He lived with them until he was ten, then his parents were killed in a targeted plane bombing. Tony shook his head, carefully patting his chest. Pete, whats going on? Tony asked, trying to mask the worry in his tone. What the fuck have I done to you. I had no idea you would react that way to the peppermint oil, I He took a sharp breath. I did it to myself, he said. Penny's class is on a field trip to her home. He stopped dead in his tracks. I will. She seemed to sense Tonys discomfort with the idea of leaving Peter alone, because just before they exited the room, she reminded, Hes in steady hands, Tony. Tony nodded, taking a deep breath. Ese Hijo de puta se las va a ver conmigo.= That son of a bitch is going to see it, 2.

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