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He wasn't feeling bad if he had, but he was concerned about the implications. Peter Parker is gaining a reputation in Stark Industries, even though no one knows him. It was a clusterfuck of a day and that was putting it lightly. When the location of the chemistry field trip is revealed to be none other than Peters home of Stark Tower, Peter decides to skip the awkwardness and spend the time working on his own projects. Summary: Given that over the course of the past eleven months Peter Parker hasnt contracted so much as a head-cold, the teenager thought it safe to assume that the whole irradiated spider bite gig had equipped him with an immune system of steel that rivalled Captain Americas. light leaves, dark sees lyrics; Thats just the way its always been. MALE LEAD Urban Eastern Games Fantasy Sci-fi ACG Horror Sports, FEMALE LEAD Urban Fantasy History Teen LGBT+ Sci-fi General Chereads, Romance Action Urban Eastern Fantasy School LGBT+ Sci-Fi Comedy, Magic Wuxia Horror History Transmigration Harem Adventure Drama Mystery, Inspiring Cooking Slice-of-Life Sports Diabolical, Anime & Comics Video Games Celebrities Music & Bands Movies Book&Literature TV Theater Others, Novels ranking Comics ranking Fan-fic ranking, A veteran of the Indian Army now finds himself in the body of Peter Parker, who just got bit by a certain radioactive spider.Watch how he navigates through the dangerous world of Marvel.This story is usually light but can get dark when it needs to be.This is also an AU of sorts, where bits of the MCU, the comics, and Sony's Spiderverse are mixed together.It is not a crime fighting superhero fic, but there will be action!You can support me and read advanced chapters at Discord:, instagram tiktok twitter facebook youtube, Translators & Editors Commercial Audio business Help & Service DMCA Notification Webnovel Forum Online service Vulnerability Report, Tags Download Apps Be an Author Help Center Privacy Policy Terms of Service Keywords Affiliate. The web-slinger quickly gets noticed by Gotham's most famous crime-fighterand the Bat Family gets its newest member. Once that is set right, Tony still struggles. Anansi gives a little spider-child a second chance as his ward, favoring him and gifting the boy with more powers. Will she figure out he's the vigilante Spider-Man? She was raised alongside his four sons (all mutant turtles), and became a . Why would the army veteran's Past or previous expertise matter during peace time. los angeles temptation roster 2019 Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Family - Words: 1,301 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/4/2022 - id: 14156959 Only a few in Stark Industries have seen Tony Starks intern, and yet everyone knows him. Summary:Katia had scars. Alternatively: Strange botches the spell that was meant to make everyone forget Peter and he arrives back in September 2016 with knowledge that could change the world. Words: 78,183. That is until she happens to find out her best friends secret. Now that her brothers are the new Betas they must all leave and visit the Ancient Wolves. He could handle this. When they got off on their floor, Leo clung onto Toms slacks as he tried to walk towards his office. Peter Parker had been fine for a while. This is how Baxter Stockman introduces himself to the teens, as he pops out of a whole in the floor and shoots at Mikey. But if it's Gwen, we can see the uncanny teamwork between the three and a brewing tension because of the love triangle. Peter has lost his family and has had his world come crashing down around him. In How to Have Impossible Conversations, Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay guide you through the straightforward, practical, conversational techniques necessary for every successful conversation -- whether the issue is climate change, religious faith, gender identity, race, poverty, immigration, or gun control. ), Mr Stark Enough For You? "How'd your, uh, your thing go?" The man smiled wanly, reaching over to ruffle Peter's hair. internship AU where Tony is Peters biological father and neither of them know. Might have some more people back in the Compound by the end of the month." "Okay, cool! Garrulous girls and loquacious ladies from every walk of life unleash their wicked wit in this humorous and enlightening compilation and tell it like it is. In a distant part of the Spiderverse, four-year-old Petra Parker lost her Aunt May and Uncle Ben in a traumatizing incident. But sometimes scars are the very key to what makes you special. Topics include What the World Needs Now, Love Hurts, Lost Love, and Are Men Really Necessary. And dont worry - as an MFM menage, all the attention is on HER. Fanfic /. Quotes and true stories from famous women and girl bosses Quizzes, love and sex bucket lists and topics like Size Really Does Matter, and Cry Me a River, The Weepiest Romantic Movies Ever that will spice up your sex and love life Be enlightened with these no nonsense takes on dating, love life, sex, self-love, and more! As much as he was annoyed at the nanny for stepping out on him today, he was sort of happy that he got to bring him with him today. Doctor Octopus and Baxter Stockman, who were once college friends, teamed up to steal SHIELD tech and schematics. Let me know if you have or know of an OC fic that isnt on this list! She was raised alongside his four sons (all mutant turtles), and became a skilled ninja. Peter sighed, hanging his head, Why do I have to have a stupid moral objection to mind-wiping, He griped, using his spare hand to massage his temples. This book contains all three books combinedSkylar Maine was always bullied in her school for being a nerd. But this Saturday may end up having a surprise for Peter. This book is the manual everyone needs to foster a climate of civility, connection, and empathy. From Anais Nin, Lily Tomlin, Amy Bloom, Dorothy Allison, Drew Barrymore, Chrissy Teigan and beyond, there's no shortage of sass, sarcasm, or sizzle and a few shocks along the way! The Tony and Bruce bromance gets me every time. He had his own daily rou Everything marvel (memes, incorrect quotes, headcannons) that makes me giggle () Summary:tom calls layla earlier than usual, and more needy than usual, to pick him up from a bar where hes drinking to forget his broken heart, and maybe he tells her why its broken. Summary: Tonys face hardens as he says, What kid.I dont know, some twelve year oldBelow him, the kid coughs out, Fifteen.Fifteen year oldTony scrubs a hand across his face. The pressure on his lower back and legs was becoming too much. Whether you're online, in a classroom, an office, a town hall -- or just hoping to get through a family dinner with a stubborn relative -- dialogue shuts down when perspectives clash. Her mother, Rebecca Snow and her father Damien Snow were the head of the Snow White Assassins, a highly respected and well known assassin organizationthat only killed wantedcriminals. Where an old foe re-emerges from the shadows for Round 2, and Peter Parker really needs to learn that being an adult doesn't mean dealing with everything on your own; it means asking for help when you need it, and trusting people to catch you when you fall. Marvel Fic Recs: [] [] [] [] [5] [] [] Here's a link for the entire Masterlist. hot chocolate doesn't solve all your problems, but it doesn't hurt either, recalling what some kids at his old high school used to call him. These are some of of the best fics about Peter as an Intern + Field Trips, Peter Parker: Intern CryptidbyKaru_Ambrogio. Bruce had heard all of the jokes about his penchant for taking in stray children. The Avengers from 2033 watch Iron Man with Avengers from 2023, 2014, 2012, and 1942. Its a smart choice,. classic right? Peter Parker Needs A Hug (from The Bat Family) is a series of Spider-Man and Batman crossover stories by truebluefool. Book 1, 2 and 3 of Rejection Series. Recommend any other fics than ones mentioned above.Thank you. -- Richard Dawkins, author of Science in the Soul and Outgrowing God In our current political climate, it seems impossible to have a reasonable conversation with anyone who has a different opinion. And create it NOW, andMake some damn money already. Heck, she didn't even want a mate from the start. It has no description but its basically a one-shot series of Peter on SI + a field trip. When Peter Parker accidentally sends a quick text to Natasha Romanoff herself, things start to get a little wacky. A field trip gone wrong leaves Peter and Ned wandering through a seemingly endless corn maze. Summary: Flash knows theres something up with Peter Parker. Summary:Bad things are supposed to happen slowly in a quick and traumatizing matter but bad things always seemed to slow down as if in slow motion so that I could watch every bad thing life decided to throw at me all the obstacles of life but when I moved all the way from London and kids at my school decided they didnt like me or rather, decided I wasnt worth standing up to the school Wanker I ended up meeting New Yorks one and only Spider Man. Peter Parker woke up once more, having caught the attention of a certain spider-god, due to his spidery traits. It works until he moves in with Harley, who doesn't suffer fools or liars. 531.5K Views. The suit is resistant to fire, water, tearing, and so much more. When he inherits a rundown house in Brooklyn, he abandons the shattered remains of his dreams, his family, and himself for something he can fix. badass peter parker fanfiction. While on a field trip to the Avengers Facility, Peter calls him dad. Follow along as Elle waits for the reply and what happens after she gets one. For His Eyes Only: Compass Series, Book Four, Protecting Their Princess: A Snow White Romance (Filthy Fairy Tales), Reclaiming His Wife: Compass Series, Book Three, Badass Women Give the Best Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Love and Life, contemporary romance novels where hero falls in love with his nurse, romance novels where hero falls in love with his nurse, books to read if you like pride and prejudice, naruto dies and becomes a shinigami fanfiction, naruto dies and becomes a hollow fanfiction, i'll become a villainess that will go down in history. Peter smirked. Hope you enjoy! #marvel Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Dont tell me hes wearing a dorky shirt with a chemistry pun on it.Rhodey frowns. How much is Emilie willing to sacrifice to see her plan go through? Halloween in New York can be a wild time. And it isnt fair to his class if he doesnt ask just because hespends a lot of time there?Yeah, Peter sighs, he has to ask. And five interns try to discover him. Previously published as True North . After the events of Civil War, Tony and Natasha become mentors to Peter. They believe it reflects badly on them, but no one can get a hold on the slippery "hero", Spiderman. Knowing the outcome already. Also, the fastest way a criminal can tick him off is if said criminal threatens a child. Spidey, theyve got reinforcements. Summary:Alice Marie Snow was born into a family of highly trained and well respected assassins. We both want her. She took up the name Zero and dawned a pure white and red Assassins Creed style superhero outfit that she had dawned with the logo of her family on both the mask and cape. Natasha is his glorified babysitter. 1.2K Stories. Peter finds out that Bucky killed Tony's parents and tries to avenge his dad. But waking up to a bag shoved over your face and roughly shoved into the back of a van before being clubbed over the head hard enough to stun even a superhuman like him before being drugged into the abyss was not exactly his idea of fun. Everyone who works at Stark Industries knows the rules to dealing with Tony Stark himself, and most hope to never meet him in person, unless they accedentally break those rules. And will she be able to find that happiness that she used to have as a child before it was tragically ripped away from her? He's still working through his grief when he's taken in by Batman, aka someone who knows first hand how much grieving hurts. So much so, that Harry himself was sporting it. And they say good things take time To wait and be patient. Tony just doesnt know what he did to deserve this. In a distant part of the Spiderverse, four-year-old Petra Parker lost her Aunt May and Uncle Ben in a traumatizing incident. Will she let people walk all over her again? Theres no way he actually has an internship with Tony Stark. Filter By. Hi I'm looking for a fanfic. She found herself on Earth around the time of Age of Ultron, and has worked with the Avengers teams since, having entered into a romantic relationship with Tony. After a fateful trip to Oscorp, her DNA was mutated by special spider venom, giving her arachnid-like powers. It goes to hell in a hand basket. So theyve tasked Romanoff with bringing me in?, I mean youve been evading Fury for a decade or so, Power shrugged, Widows the best of the best. Everything you need to know about love, life, relationships, sex, men, and being a badass Advice from girl bosses of all kinds: Women are, far and away, the Oral Sex. Womens Studies scholar Becca Anderson has gathered the wisdom from a chorus of fabulous femmes for this one-of-a-kind advice book. Peter knew he wasnt their favourite, hell he wasnt even considered an equal and he knows he probably will never be. What if Harry Potter had a younger Irish twin that Dumbledore gave to an American orphanage in NYC for no apparent reason? So, why does Peter Parker keep breaking all of the rules, and why does Mr. Stark never seem mad? Peter inadvertently saves Natasha Romanoff but he makes some dangerous enemies when he does, and it's suggested that he lays low for a while - with Tony Stark to keep him protected. UdayWrites. He knows. Chapters: 15. He is also extremely Done. Now he's got a new teaching job now. iron man That is, cool, right?" "It's . But what or rather who is Tony hiding from his teammates? They happen all at once In a quick traumatizing matter Not in my case When my life crumbled to nothing it happened slowly I watched everything fall apart around me in slow motion. When y/n and Bucky are saved fr Just a cliche when Tony Stark meet his not son son Peter Parker and their adventures (Hihihi) Btw the Avengers are also in and take the role of aunts and uncles. He tries to make sense of his new world and maintain his normal routine (leading to Spider-Man making a Gotham debut). You are a carbon copy of the man., Peter Parker gets sassy while protecting Tony Stark. And hes not sure how he feels about having his entire class waltzing around the place where he spends practically more time than in his own home, where he has his own room, and where he regularly eats Lucky Charms with one of the most influential men in the country, in his pajamas. spider son The avengers decide to move into the tower. The cover and all memes are not Tony's little girl is not so little anymore. As strict as he can be, Splinter is willing to trust his kids' judgement at times (though not all of the time). AKA Another Spiderman & Batfam fic because there will literally never be enough of those, obligatory inspired by Dark Matter, go read it if you haven't its seriously the best work of fiction on this site. And then Aunt May turned to drugs and then abandoned him in favor of killing herself. May and Ben get killed and Tony has Loki watch over Peter in hospital while he files paperwork to adopt Peter. After the mindflipping (and life-ruining) events of No Way Home, Peter Parker runs away to try and start a new lifeand somehow ends up in the DCU. At the age of 9 Alices parents were tragically murdered in their own home. Her species speaks in clicks, similar to Xhosa but not quite. Harley is adrift, bitter, and resentful after losing Tony and his family as he knew it three years ago. Peter Parker AKA SpiderMan, has lost his job teaching at his old high school. So they have no cho Fourteen-year-old Seven has spent her entire life imprisoned in the HYDRA and Red Room facility, experimented on for as long as she can remember. Luckily for her, she was found and taken in by Master Splinter, a master ninja (who also happens to be a large mutant rat). The two have gotten so used to each other that they refer to each other as father and son. Im not sorry. Summary: Pepper thought it would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone: first, explaining why this one particular kid was always hanging around the tower and Tony Stark himself without directly mentioning the rumours and speculations that the public had been throwing around and, second, to show people that the new Junior Intern programme is interesting, safe and a great advantage for every high school student thats into science. Tour groups dont go to the living quarters of the Tower anyways, they hardly ever go past the 50th floor, Peter knows that. She laughed and went back to typing up a report she had been working on all morning, listening to her boss talk to his son in the room behind her. It Was Probably The Pudding bySerendipity_Cometh. Essentially my take on what a normal person would if he/she got Spider-Man's powers. The one where Wade notices that Spider-Man has been acting weirder and weirder, and the more he looks into it, the more he realizes that his not-so-normal partner in crime(fighting) is a lot stranger than he thought. Peter is too busy being confused to fight and its infectious. At least, that's what she tells the Avengers when she starts to work for Tony Stark as his assistant. He set him down by his feet for a second, stepping into the elevator as Leo toddled after him. I lost Leo, his voice was strained as his hands ran through his hair. Four months ago, Slade Lewis got to fulfill his wildest, long-repressed BDSM fantasies during a one-night stand. Double Helix by @starksparker and @delicatetony, You Braved the Stars (Tony x OC) by @hayls-speaks-fandoms, Find Your Way Back by @the-claire-bitch-project, A Different Type of Double by @heavenly---holland, My Scars Burn Bright Against The Dark Dark Night by @thefourthnorn, Theater Kids and Science Nerds by @theasexualbunny, Youve Got Mail (Harrison Osterfield x OC) by @nillewritings, My Scars Burn Bright Against The Dark Dark Night. Book 1, 2 and 3 of Rejection Series. But there was something about the kid in the black and red suit that made Ben pause. Petra inadvertently introduces herself to. some stuff that I have already read where he is a bamf are Spidey LIAG, DC NEW 52:spiderman,Marvel trinity(Fics like this one will be highly appreciated),spiderX, The Spider(SI) , Fighting crime,spinning webs,Everything you are is everything I ever need. Peter Parker with his adorable hazel eyes and curly brown hair Peter Parker who became my best friend and yet when I found myself in trouble Peter Parker was the on who abandoned me; Spider-Man saved me I chose not to talk to Peter for a few days after I got out of hospital and when I found myself in trouble yet again It was Peter Parker who . College interns are on an even thinner ice. Summary (Teaser):The blood splattered messily. Think you can sit tight while we deal with this?. After all, he wont be the only one looking for them, and theyre far safer with him than they are with Thunderbolt Ross. How can Harrison walk away from the life that has given him everything? 35 Chs Content. Summary:High school, the place where you go through puberty one day to being genetically mutated the next day. Theres only one thing the untouched Princess isnt safe from - us. *NEW AUDIO EDITION* - This audiobook is read by the author in a fresh new unabridged production, and features an exclusive interview with the author. The 5 college level interns, who actually interacted with Tony Stark himself on occasion, would be jealous of the 16 year old Peter Parker appearing from nowhere and being the obvious favorite if they werent so busy being terrified by him. Chest feels weird. Hidden away in a cabin, deep in the forest, shes safe from prying eyes, and from anyone whod want to do her harm. Elevators (Romanogers Fanfic) by H. 87.9K 2.6K 61. A good friend of Harrys, Julia Graham, asked him what was wrong and in the matters of hours, they had decided to set up the best friend with Julias roommate. Summary:My OC is Anya. I deleted one of the chapters and added a new one thats why the chapter number is the same. Even after several millennia, you dont let the abilities go to your head,. Parker IS an Intern seriesbyconcreteflour. Now, if only he could actually find out where Peter keeps going. Biancas completely irresistible, and with every movement, every look, shes practically begging us to take her. That time at Industries Stark by Looking_for_stars. She'd had them for a very long time. May also said that Tony only encouraged Peters sassy side. Damian briefly brings up his past when he and Dick are leaving the dog park with Titus. Story: Spider-Man: The Great Responsibility is an epic fanfiction that follows Peter Parker's journey as a web-slinger. Summary:How much are Raven and Tom willing to do when it comes to protecting the people they love? Field Trip to Stark Industries would be fine on its own, Peter had always wanted a tour, but of course they had to be visiting the Intern Floor His Floor. So, when Peter loses everything he has, what's the point in telling the truth? When Tony clears it up, he and Peter will have to deal with the public aftermath. He never gets to stay long, he never has the chance to explore or learn about the cities he visits, and he sure doesnt get to see the people he meets again. Her red lips, dark hair, and luscious, soft curves call to us. But when she returns, will she be the same? Avengers memes that I have too many of! Batman certainly taught him a few things grows fond of Peter (even before learning he's Spider-Man). Luckily for her, she was found and taken in by Master Splinter, a master ninja (who also happens to be a large mutant rat). Peter was having a really crappy day, which really sucked because he hadnt had one of those in a while. Peter/Spider-Man's energy, joking nature, and strong moral compass reminds Bruce of Dick Grayson when he was Robin. It started on a bridge; it ended on a bridge or was that just an even crazier beginning? The lady handed the child a pack of goldfish, something shes always had on hand. We served our country in an elite military unit for years, and now nothing is too hard for us - were rich, rough, and ripped, and were up for anything. The world would be a better place if everyone read this book." They cant mess anything up if they ever meet Mr. Stark, or else their internship is over. Permission Slips Please byShadowsintheClouds. Peter trolls Tony Stark with his two enablers- I mean friends. They revolve around what would happen if Peter Parker (fresh off of several traumatic incidents) ended up adopted by the Bat family. Working through emotions, supervillains, and life or death scenarios are turning out to be her average high school situations. Summary: When Tony went to the Parker household to recruit Spider-Man, he had no idea what he was signing up for. Pretty sure we established that when you puked in a corn maze. Summary: Peter takes a moment to take a good look at those around him. And everything sort of goes downhill from there. Leo looked around the building with wide eyes, the binkie in his mouth falling from his lips as Tom pushed it back in with a chuckle. Can anyone recommend me fanfics where Spidey is a badass,using both his brain and brawn.It could be set in any universe . Youve got like, food poisoning or something., Peter shakes his head. Packed with humor, inspiration, and advice, You Are a Badass is the #1 New York Times bestselling self-help book that teaches you how to get better without getting busted. MCU Spider-Man (Tom Holland's version) is the Peter Parker I am basing these stories off of. A veteran of the Indian Army now finds himself in the body of Peter Parker, who just got bit by a certain radioactive spider.Watch how he navigates through the dangerous world of Marvel.This story is usually light but can get dark when it needs to be.This is also an AU of sorts, where bits of the MCU, the comics, and Sony's Spiderverse are mixed together.It is not a crime fighting superhero . Morning, Mrs. Kelly, he responded, keeping his arm around his sons waist, holding him against his hip. Peter Parker accidentally gets Tony Starks number and they start texting. I watched those interviews where Tom and RDJ highjacked each others interviews one too many times, drank way too much coffee and this happened. Who he was. After catching their boss in flagrante, they start to see that each others mild workplace personas might be just the tip of the iceberg. Can he survive the humility and torture the Avengers will throw at him every step of the way What will happen when Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff? Someones after Bianca. Lucy Miller has worked her way up from coffee-fetcher and copy-maker to invaluable assistant. Im from the future and I need your help, he said, heart pounding as Stranges eyes widened with realisation. Toms assistant smiled at the two of them as they walked by, waving at Leo as he gurgled happily.

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badass peter parker fanfiction
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