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Applejack couldn't help but notice the way they were looking at her. Twilight was ravin' about Cadence being an impostor and repeatedly called her evil, which made her cry. Furnishing the room was Celestia's wardrobe, a study where she kept endless amounts of correspondence, particularly from Twilight and her friends, a mirror as high as the tip of the alicorn's horn and a rather extravagant grandfather clock, designed using the wood from an oak tree to create a working celebration of the sun, which crowned the head of the clock. "All I cared about at that point was being a bridesmaid, and the added honour of mingling with Canterlot's nobility. Celestia had tasked Luna to occasionally broadcast an announcement for any and all displaced ponies to meet inside the castle's Hall of Neighyeux, where they would be briefed on the situation of their household. That is what Shining told us when he came here, and it is the reason Velvet and I are so furious. Spike roared, pointing a finger at the Mane 5 as he did so. She was brought here to answer questions, and it was under those conditions that she decided to relent. The Mane 5 were completely stuck for words. But in order to keep up appearances, she smiled warmly. "They were shocked and angered by what I told them. "May we bring you anything Princess?" Please, you must believe me. Instead, it was a case of "had". Do you realize, Princess, that had Twilight not found the real Cadance, who was also imprisoned down there, they could have both died? Replied Velvet. "Of course we did!" That is all.". ", "That's not the point Princess! When we betrayed you, the connection between us as the Elements of Harmony was critically damaged to the point where they could not be used. If that wasn't enough, Princess Celestia, your benevolent sister and the object of Twilight's idolisation and inspiration, did not even look her in the eye when she crushed her spirit. They heard me cryin' last night and wanted to know what was wrong. Each and every sob that Twilight sobbed made Cadance shake a little, but still she held onto the unicorn for all she was worth. nfl open tryouts 2022 dates; liste des parc de maison mobile en floride; running 5k everyday for a month before and after; girls who code summer immersion program That would mean telling his mother and father, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, of the events that had transpired since the rehearsal, and by the Creator, they would not take it well. I don't remember exactly what happened after that, but I do remember asking her what spell she had learned.". Luna nodded firmly. As she walked away, she heard the familiar sound of a shield spell being cast. "Take as much time as you need. Rarity added. Tears began to flow from their eyes and everything, but most importantly, the last word had fallen to Twilight. From her bedroom, the unicorn could be heard sobbing. a canterlot wedding twilight betrayed fanfiction . After a while, she grinned confidently, settling Barbarousis's nerves. The Changeling Queen took her place at the top of the table, flanked by her loyal general. Every second of her absence is killing me. "I left Twilight, because I had no choice! Said Applejack. It is unknown to us what became of Shining and Celestia at that time, but Twilight had nopony else to turn to, hence why we believe that her friends basically betrayed her just for the comparably petty glamour of being the bridesmaids of the wedding. With a reciprocating nod and salute (respectively), the two ponies proceeded through the halls of the castle up to Celestia's private bedchambers, two rows of guards watching over the hall leading to both Celestia and Luna's rooms. Taking a moment to test the shield's strength, Applejack knocked a hoof against it. Thank you for the offer Rarity. Even Spark was having trouble dancing the ballet of clashed blades with his other, despite his high morale. "What is it you want?" Only the Creator knew how long they were going to be there, but that mattered little to Cadance. "Lieutenant, I must inform the Princess of the attack on the settlement. Chrysalis delayed her response, taking a moment to ponder the plan. What if she really was just going through a hard time? Fimfiction is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro Inc.. She seemed lost in thought, but to be sure she was OK, Spike decided to get her attention. Twilight is not in the mood to be messed with.". Once the Princess of Love has entered the treehouse, I want you to signal the battalion, which will be following you, to storm both the treehouse and the village, capture the Princess and bring her to the Hive. He could tell she was hurting badly from being abandoned, but there was something else. Asked Velvet curiously. "Is that it?" Said Cadance, her usual mirth waning when she saw how the girls had fared since the previous night. family zodiac compatibility chart; lakefront property for sale vernon, bc; shangela and alyssa edwards look alike; east bay regional parks list; ihealth company stock Behind him, the doors flung open to reveal Celestia's Royal Guards, with Luna following closely behind. "What happened? ", "Of course we do!" From the shock she felt when Shining disproved everything she thought she knew about Fake Cadance before stripping her of the role of Best Mare and even the privilege of being at the wedding, to the horror and abandonment she felt when all five of her friends, even Spike, walked out on her with their eyes closed and their faces morphed into indignant frowns, to the utter pain and heartbreak she felt when Celestia stabbed her with a verbal dagger. "Your Majesty?" First it was Twilight giving them a tongue-lashing, but now it was Spike. They are led by Cadance, the Princess of Love and their mission is to broker a renewed peace with Twilight. After a while of walking, Spike eventually reached Twilight's quarters, where he saw Princess Cadance closing the door leading inside. All this was as per Shining Armor's orders to get Canterlot back to working capacity. Rainbow added. A search party found their commander frozen solid. We want this to end on good terms, that is all. "So, what was it you wanted to talk about? "I'm sorry Cadance, but it just isn't that simple. I..". The group was intimidated, but only a little. Rarity's expression remained unchanged, but she decided it was best she did not dwell on it. It was just them against the world. In fact, she looked about the same as Pinkie. Her expression was calm, but serious. "The Elements chose us because we were supposed to be the physical representations of what they stood for. "Twilight? "I don't know Luna. "Hi girls." As my most trusted lieutenant, I am sure you will not fail me. Her eyes and teeth were clenched shut in pain and she was letting out groans that would rend one's heart irrevocable. I must speak with the both of you immediately.". Fortunately, he wouldn't have to ask. We thought leavin' her alone to think about what she had done would be best for her.". You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly. He was walking up to the throne that Princess Celestia was seated upon. "It's going to be OK.". Applejack could not answer. We must catch the train". Said Rarity. Celestia remarked, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. As for Shining, he felt it was best Celestia was informed of this development. But that was the thing. ", "There is blind loyalty, Rainbow, and then there is experience. The first step will be to attack the Hive, and therefore we must set up a home defence. Spike witnesses it and, after the Changelings are sent away, Twilight is awakened by the same shockwave. Twilight tried sharing a hoofshake with her from when they were young, but the Princess didn't recognize it.". A house, a rock, anything would suffice. Cadance was taken by surprise at how quickly the plan went belly-up, but as a firm believer in Twilight, she knew the latter would still allow room for a second chance. The walls, floor and roof were cast marble, a red carpet stretching from the door to Celestia's bed, equally an impressive sight as the room itself. "Oh shut up!" ", "If it is any help Rainbow, I would advise you do not beat around the bush with her. It was my own darned pride that led me to abandon my loyalty. The outside world didn't matter anymore. You have not only brought shame to our family Applejack, but you have brought shame on yourself and your Element. Before long, she had reached her old quarters from when she was living in the castle, still in her early days as Celestia's protege. With that, Luna walked out the household door, before spreading her wings and taking off into the darkness, the moon (which she had lifted prior to flying to the Sparkle family home) lighting the way ahead. The first gaze she cast was at Cadance, to whom she smiled. Shining replied grimly. Indeed, it was rock solid. Only Rarity, who looked the better pick of the bunch, greeted the pink alicorn. Replied Applejack spiritedly. You're no fool. Despite being armed with weapons and armor, the Royal Guards were finding it tough fighting the vicious and determined Changelings. Anyway, the three ponies seated themselves in the living room, both Night and Velvet bracing themselves for whatever Luna had to say. Yelled out the conductor as the train whistled. I wasn't comfortable with leaving her, but I didn't want to be cast out of the wedding either! But as time passed, the losses began to build as even though they had lost a lot of their troops, the Changelings were gaining a lead over the Royal Guards. But we did, so in all honesty, we can chalk that up to being a big fat lie. Pinkie Pie went back to Sugarcube Corner and her spirits were lifted by the Cakes and their children greeting her happily. All she cared about was just going back to her quarters, before crying her eyes out, packing her things and leaving Canterlot, wanting to get away from those who no longer cared for her. Night Light and Twilight Velvet were clearly delighted to see him and that made breaking the grave news of Twilight and Spike even harder to bear. She had come to make sure the lavender unicorn had a good morning, and it looked like she had. "Darnit" Rainbow grumbled in annoyance. "Twilight, have you forgotten why we're here? "I don't know what happened after that because we were ordered out of the hall by the Royal Guard, but I have every faith that Twilight played a part in the victory over the changelings. You're always welcome here.". "Instead of waiting outside the city to attack, our forces will infiltrate the city in disguise en masse, and blend in with the locals. ", "So you thought it was right to break the heart of "your most faithful student", betraying her trust in the process? As Spike left to fetch Twilight, Cadance decided to ensure that the girls knew what they had to say, and more importantly how to say it. Unfortunately her mind would not serve the same purpose, constantly tormenting her with the still fresh memories of herself and the girls abandoning Twilight at the rehearsal and her subsequent reaction following the victory over the Changelings. "Rainbow!" Growling with intense menace, Chrysalis looked around her in order to find something to tear apart. However, the former could not help but wonder why if Luna was so badly affected that she allowed the Nightmare Forces to take her over, then why did the same not happen to Twilight? : Volume 15, Mad Mare With a Box. "Surrender? Applejack retorted. Nodding to signal their replies, the Mane 5 followed Cadance out of the castle to the train station, leaving the Princess alone in the hall. He was desperate to let her know how sorry he was for what he did. Is your pride too stubborn for you to admit that the way you treated Twilight was wrong?! ", "We didn't listen to her when she tried to warn us" Added Fluttershy "So we knew we had to do something to help her. "Please don't leave me.", "Shh Sugarcube." As a result, my thoughts and feelings turned to darkness, and it was not long before the Nightmare Forces found me languishing in my bitterness and hatred. You, her friends and her princess put her and all of Canterlot in jeopardy! The battle was ferocious. Perhaps she had been a bit too scathing in her criticism of her sister. "He is the captain of the Canterlot's Royal Guard" explain Twilight. Takes place during A Canterlot Wedding. "My Changelings, the time is ripe. Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! "Sergeant, Lieutenant Blade has given us orders to billet here for the time being. "Listen up Changelings!" Shining Armor was sat down on his rump atop the altar/throne, crestfallen and wallowing in self-disgust. "And that means our forces will be unstoppable!" However, they were completely harvested. "I understand you are both angry because of a recent incident involving your son and daughter, plus her friends and my sister. Come with me.". ", Applejack cried silently. In the background, Black Blade had returned with one of the best spies in the army, Snake Bite. Whispered Luna, comforting her sister. What matters is that we are sorry for what we did, and all we want now is for us to be friends again. I want my new Changelings to be equipped with the finest armours and weapons my blacksmiths can forge. Celestia cried. "If you think I'm gonna surrender, you're dead wrong Chrysalis. Replied the four guards in unison, following Shining down the hall as he trotted ahead of them. a canterlot wedding twilight betrayed fanfiction. Just then, Cadance walked into the bakery. "The wedding did go ahead, with Shining absolutely under the Changeling Queen's grip. By cutting off your ties with her and brushing off her warnings, you nearly brought upon Equestrias ultimate destruction. With those words, Twilight melted into Fluttershy like ice over a warm fire. To ask for her forgiveness and to get her to resume being your student, or simply to resume being your attack dog?". After all, she recalled the birthday party in Canterlot Castle where Twilight was quite pleased with the dress which Rarity had not even half-finished. Everypony, meet Celestia.. You all know me for the Luna mobile, but now I have her sister: A 4th gen Pontiac Firebird. Youhad no right to berate her like that and that goes double for her friends and the Princess herself. Replied Skoula, having taken some time to analyse the proposal. The captain was debating whether to watch over her or leave her in peace, but before he could make up his mind, Celestia suddenly let out a distressed whimper. Although taken aback, Shining settled into his role, doing his best to soothe the tormented alicorn. We both know Cadance is capable of taking on any responsibility with the same good grace and warmth she is so blessed with. Why did you all push her aside for your own wedding and Cadence? And don't come back unless you want to be my friends again!". I know I am guilty of nearly letting my subjects, my ponies meet their doom, I know I am guilty of nearly letting Canterlot be wiped off the face of Equestria, and I am especially sorry for betraying my student, who holds so much faith for me and has given everything to both ourselves and Equestria. Not to mention how foalish we had all been!". Replied Snake. Thinking quickly, Chrysalis turned to her Changelings to rally them. "Well, OK, I'll take your word for it. As you know, we had received word of a threat against Canterlot, which turned out to be true and more effective than we believed. "I hope you aren't hurt? Furthermore, the want of a hoofshake at this time would have been utter folly. Replied Velvet, making room for Luna to enter. Spike, on the other hand, wasn't as troubled by the recent events of his life, but he certainly did still regret abandoning Twilight, and from the point where he was forgiven, he swore to himself that he would never leave her again. With that, Cadance gently closed the door behind her. Can't you find it in your heart to give them another chance?". "Good morning girls. However, that mattered little now, as she too was about to receive the brunt of Spike's fury. ", "Very well. The elderly Apple took a deep breath before she spoke. "Well, it happened during the wedding rehearsal. Had the circumstances been any different, I would've happily stayed with you, know. The reason is that in light of my most recent actions, as well as those of Captain Armor and the Element Bearers, Canterlot nearly fell.". I'm so sorry Twilight. "Guards, let's go. "Beautiful? Once more, the girls fell silent, unable to find an explanation for their actions. Have you forgotten just how much she believed in you? Despite being calmed by magic, Twilight still let out small sobs. She was still very ticked off at the Mane 5, not just because they were invading her space, but also because she couldn't trust them to walk out on her again. If it comes without heart or feeling, I promise you that she will never forgive neither you nor her friends and the Princess. Twilight, we stand here before you, remorseful and ashamed of what we have done. Moments later, Princess Cadance, the bride, Twilight's former foalsitter and somepony with whom she was very close . by | Aug 21, 2022 | comfortable kitten heel wedding shoes | moreton bay council wedding venues | Aug 21, 2022 | comfortable kitten heel wedding shoes | moreton bay council wedding venues They had a job to do, and they would get it done. It was frustrating her to no end. She was failing to find words to counter Spike's arguments. That much was clear. "No, thank you. I want you to lead it. After a long and hard trudge through the Black Widow's Peaks, Chrysalis, along with what remained of her army and the prisoners they took from the Canterlot settlement arrived at the Changeling hive, one of the tallest peaks in the entire mountain range. It then fell to Commander Barbarousis to conclude the briefing. I did not do it on purpose. The two princesses stayed close so that one could be there for the other in times of distress, but for now that was not to be as Luna was monitoring reconstruction efforts down in the city. Shining Armor, in particular, was taking this harder than the others. Something snapped in Velvet's mind, and at once the unicorn bowed before the slightly bemused Luna. Chrysalis, on the other hoof, was not quite finished. Replied Pinkie, trying her best to make her reply sound genuine. Celestia started tossing and turning, her hooves planting themselves against her temples. ", "I failed the Element of Loyalty because I did not stand by you when it was needed most." Everything that's all stuck in my head and I can't get it out!". There was no doubting the alicorn's mind that yesterday's fiasco had taken a toll on Twilight's already haggard mind, therefore she felt the best course of action was to ensure she was looking after herself that morning. "According to what she told us one evening, Twilight saw this Cadance doing things the real Cadance would never do. If she hadn't found the real Cadance, they could have both died down there, so in fact, me and the girls straight up betrayed Twilight and left her to die.". "It's as simple as that. "What gives you the right to question me, AJ?" "Yes Fluttershy, you really were that cruel to her. However, despite her sureness Rainbow could not shake off the nagging of her conscience, which continued to question her loyalty towards Twilight. At the moment, Twilight only trusts me and Spike, so it's better if I talk to her. Still, that is not the reason you summoned me.". I can let myself out. We're both aware of how badly her friends, Shining and Celestia emotionally damaged her, but how is it she was not taken by them? The only reason we supported the wedding was so we can welcome Cadence, ours and Celestias own foalsitter and niece into the Sparkle family. "Proceed Commander." We make for the Everfree. You didnt even give Spike a chance to choose the wedding or her!, "Mom, please!" With that, Shining left the war room. I have already been punished enough for my sins.". And for Celestia's sake, Twilight was ruthlessly accusing her of being evil to the point where she upsets her! Replied Rarity. Added Maugrim. The alicorn started crying, her stubbornness finally failing. As for the other group of officers, they are to take their men and assist with reconstruction efforts wherever they are needed.". Yelled the lead Royal Guard. "Is there anything we can do to make them realize we truly regret our mistakes?, I dont think so, I destroyed my familys honor because of my betrayal and our naivety. ", "No Fluttershy,I haven't. "Princess, you are aware Twilight isn't exactly innocent of her crimes either?" "As well as the sound of a bell!" Sorry you had to see us in this state. Cadance wasn't done though. Nonetheless, it was easy to see why this was such a serious incident. With that, Fang departed the throne room, but not before bowing to Chrysalis, who prepared to issue the day's final orders. His attention soon returned to the royal sisters, who were just finishing up Luna's interrogation. Applejack had heard enough at this point. A storm was crashing down upon the Black Widow's Peaks, rain as thick as glass soaking the jagged mountaintops. Can you take care of things here?". "I will not fail you.". ", "Exactly." I want you to go to Ponyville to keep an eye on the meeting. Spike looked back at the girls, angered. "How are we going to get the message across with Twilight still mad at us? ", "Yeah Cadance, I'm fine. Eventually, after a spree of incapacitating and harvesting the love of her opponents, Chrysalis was left with Aegis, who was a bedraggled mess. Surely one like yourself would have learned from their past mistakes. ", "I know Dad", sighed Shining. I have to go and find Twilight. Whatever my sister asks of me, I will not hesitate to fulfill.". I think I need to lie down". Her mane was half-inflated, a sign of her misery, and her eyes had bags, an obvious indicator she did not sleep well. With no words, he awaited his orders. "Come in!" Just thinking about her down in the caves, cold, heartbroken, alone and dying while they were all caught up in the happiness of the false wedding and then Chrysalis taking over and her army wreaking havoc across Equestria, especially Ponyville, without their best friend to help stop their greatest enemy brought tears of shame to her eyes. With that, Spike nodded and marched up to the door, Cadance stepping aside. "Yes. She made a difference in Twilight when she forgot about friendship after becoming Princess Celestias star protge and you took her love for you for granted. When it was cast, the shield was laced with traces of hatred and anger. Staff "But Commander, what of the Element Bearers? The reason was obvious; Twilight would be welcoming to everypony else but her former friends, her Big Brother Former Best Friend Forever and as of late, her former teacher.

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a canterlot wedding twilight betrayed fanfiction
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