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Comprehensive risk assessments for patients were completed and reviewed and clear crisis plans were in place where patients were assessed as. We rated the trust as requires improvement overall in safe, effective, responsive and well led. The Mental Health Act code of practice guidance helps protect patients' rights and ensures patients detention is lawful. Staff from one location were due to receive an award for obtaining 1435 responses between June 2018 and June 2019. There were some waiting lists but these were within the guidelines from the standard operating procedure of the service delivery timescales. Avondale - A seven day mental health admission assessment and triage unit for adults of working age.. Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) - A fourteen bedded, mixed sex, purpose built Psychiatric Intensive Care (PIC) service for compulsorily detained adults of all ages. Enter your postcode below to discover what is happening in your region. Good 2020 Jun;27(3):246-257. doi: 10.1111/jpm.12573. Staffing levels were sufficient to ensure the safety of patients. There was significant damage to Calder and Greenside wards. The hospice team provided specialist advice and support as requested, coordinated and planned care for patients at end of life in the community. The ratings for the child and adolescent ward in all domains had improved to good. The teams were proactive in following up patients who did not attend appointments and were clear about the protocols they followed when this occurred. This limited who had access to the sessions. Staff understood and discharged their roles and responsibilities under the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. High use of out of area beds was another symptom of the problem. The trust was part of a multiagency group that had developed and implemented a policy for the use of section 135 and 136 across the Lancashire area. The service received 238 compliments within the last 12 months. At the Orchard, the door to the bathroom lacked an observation panel, which meant peoples privacy was compromised. Morale within the service was good and staff spoke proudly and passionately about the service which they provided. The trust did not report on patient feedback from the 136 suites, and was unable to provide us with reports for the friends and family test for all its crisis/home treatment teams. Care and treatment, policies and procedures and mandatory training was evidence-based and followed recognisable and approved guidelines. Comprehensive assessment processes, holistic care plans and risk assessments were in place and young people felt involved in the care planning process. Child friendly posters and the trusts website gave comprehensive advice on how to access independent advocacy services. Team leaders had no consistent system to monitor the uptake of clinical and management supervision of staff. Managers did not ensure staff received training, supervision and appraisal. The ward staff knew how to report incidents and as a result improvements were made to ensure patients were safe. A teaspoon of this mixture is taken once every three hours will treat excessive coughing. Staff were not receiving regular supervision of their work. Search for local Hairdressers near you on Yell. They reported this had impacted on their ability to ensure that staff accessed appraisals, supervision and mandatory training in line with trust policy on some wards. There were still two registered nurse vacancies to be filled. Staff could describe incidents that had been reported and identified actions taken in response. Back to Mental Health Liaison Team (MHLT) (PCMHT), Home Treatment Teams (HTT), Substance Misuse Services and Housing and Emergency Social Services Team in response to client need; Preston & Chorley. How we can help The team operates 7 days per week within our continuous community and inpatient care pathway. Avondale Unit, The Royal Preston Hospital Town Preston Salary 33,706 - 40,588 per annum, pro rata Salary period Yearly Closing 14/03/2023 23:59. Adherence to the principles of the Mental Health Act and its associated Code of Practice was good throughout the trust. There was a suspended ceiling in place at Stock Beck psychiatric intensive care unit which posed a potential ligature risk to patients. Send email. Telephone: 01686 617 242, Adult and Older People's Mental Health Services, Your Local Dementia Home Treatment Team (DHTT), Nosocomial Covid-19 Patient Safety Review Team, Adult and Older People's Community Services, Learning Disabilities & Neurodiversity Services, Current Jobs at Powys Teaching Health Board. Feedback. To help with your recovery it is important to work closely with other people who support you. The design, layout, and furnishings of the ward/service supported patients treatment, privacy and dignity. Tel: 0161 716 3539 Parking Available: Yes The staff had plenty of time to talk with me and give relevant support., It was my first appointment and I felt very nervous about it but upon meeting staff I instantly felt relaxed calm and at ease., First time receiving proper help and everything I needed to say was said and listened to., A carer commented Patient feels hopeful after speaking to staff and has changed his life., Download full inspection report for - PDF - (opens in new window), Published This had been identified at a previous inspection but not addressed. 11 January 2017. View photos. There was good leadership at ward level and above. Staff used computerised tablets enabling them to source or store information when visiting patients which although useful and speeded up processes when connectivity was poor patient visit lists could not always be accessed. OA Single Point of Access - for referrals operates 9-5 Monday to Friday. It is recognised that people recover more quickly if treated at home in familiar surroundings, with friends and family close by. Waiting times for patients once they had been accepted in a team were short. There was an interpreter service available for patients whose first language was not English. Patients told us they were involved in decisions about their care and were encouraged to participate in meetings to develop and manage their care and discharge. Medicines management, infection control management and monitoring of the Mental Health Act was good across the trust. The quality of the capacity assessments varied. The nursing staff were working with primary and secondary health care professionals to adopt nationally recognised best practice tools, including the gold standard framework, preferred place of care, the priorities for care for the dying person and advanced care planning to replace the Liverpool care pathway. Patients received input from a range of mental health professionals. We did find that a ligature point had been identified at the wards in the Harbour when the windows of the quiet room were opened into the internal courtyard. The womens service was operating a gender-informed model of care, which was regarded positively by patients and staff. Is this information correct and up to date? The notes of the service user group meetings showed cancelled activities and leave were common complaints. We found that the provider was performing at a level that led to a rating of requires improvement overall. 2010 Feb;19(1):75-87. doi: 10.3109/09638230903469178. Avondale Unit, The Royal Preston Hospital Tref Preston Cyflog 33,706 - 40,588 per annum, pro rata Cyfnod cyflog Yn flynyddol Yn cau 14/03/2023 23:59. . Some of these ligature risks had not been identified through local audits. We rate most services according to how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led they are, using four levels: Outstanding The existing ratings from our inspection in June 2019 remain in place. Initially this will consist of a three day assessment to identify your needs and the support / treatment you require. Because these units had not been designed to accommodate patients for long periods, there were issues with food availability, bedding and linen, private space to change clothes and no safe places to store possessions. The service proactively monitored and managed staffing levels to ensure patient safety. Parents, young people and staff were aware of the independent advocacy service. In most of the services provided, people received appointments in a timely way. The service was not well led, and the governance processes did not ensure that ward procedures ran smoothly. We rated Lancashire Care Child and Adolescent Mental Health wards as good because: We rated the trust as good overall because: eleven of the thirteen core services we inspected were rated as good overall, staff treated patients with respect, care and compassion, staff communicated with patients in a way that was appropriate to patients individual needs, patients told us that staff treated them well and were responsive to their needs, patients had been involved in service development, despite the staffing challenges the trust faced, there was evidence to demonstrate that services were committed to minimising the impact this had on patient care, staff completed timely and comprehensive assessments for all patients including risk and physical health needs, the board had strategic oversight of potential risks which could impact on their ability to deliver services and had actions in place to mitigate these. During the inspection we received feedback from 35 patients. Staff and managers told us that there were delays receiving information about patients accessing antenatal care from local acute providers and this was recorded on the trust risk register. Further work was needed to ensure these contracts were made substantive. However notices advising informal patients of their right to leave were not on display on all wards. However, at the Junction staff did not know the agreed and allowed medication under the MHA. Bleasdale, Elmridge, Mallowdale, Fellside, Forest Beck, Marshaw, Dutton, Whinfell and Langden wards were in good condition and presented safe, clean and pleasant environments, Fairsnape and Fairoak needed some updating and Calder, Greenside and The Hermitage were in a poor condition. During the inspection we found: Patients admitted to health-based places of safety (136 suites) were unlawfully detained beyond the legal timeframe for their detention. This is achieved by matching the finest raw materials with bespoke production processes. Current. There was a range of facilities and activities available on and off-site, although access was limited when there were staffing shortages. Staffing levels were managed with low levels of sickness and few vacancies however, the managers had not taken a systematic approach to quantify the staffing levels and acuity of caseloads and neither had been reviewed for some time. We witnessed positive interactions between staff and patients throughout the inspection. The board was not aware of these issues, which were not in line with best practice guidance and the Mental Health Act (MHA) Code of Practice (CoP). There were delays in patients accessing a bed in Blackpool and staff had to manage patients risks in the community until a bed became available. Home Treatment Team We provide home treatment services to adults living in the community who require intensive, daily support and who are at risk of being admitted to an inpatient unit (for example, a ward). Mid West Area Mental Health Service, Sunshine: 09 March: 55991: Family and Carer Peer Support Worker Avondale Unit Entrance. The trust had implemented Risk sensible approach safeguarding training for all practitioners in the children and families network. These were effectively managed and risks mitigated with the use of observation and individual risk management planning. The unit designs were not fit for purpose, they were not being used in the way intended and they persistently failed to meet the basic needs of patients. Care plans could provide more detailed information about patients education status and needs. Staff had manageable caseloads. It was evident the trust were trying hard to achieve partnership working despite the difficulties of different services being provided under different trusts. Apply now Online Payments Giving Arts Business Education Nursing Ministry Science Vocational Courses Get the full story Read about how the Avondale experience transforms lives. Suspended ratings are being reviewed by us and will be published soon. Documentation issues had been highlighted in root cause analysis investigations in relation to pressure area care. New scientific research has led our team to the use of reliable, gentle treatment thats effective, consistent and safe for the management of a vast range of health conditions. Welcome to Avondale Mental Healthcare Centre We are an independent not for profit charity and have been successfully providing services to individuals with mental health needs since we were established in 1991 as a 50 bedded unit. For example, one seclusion record out of the five reviewed had no evidence of who started and who ended seclusion. The new vision and values were embedded into teams especially through the new appraisal process that staff felt was more personalised. Neither of the CAMHS teams had an up-to-date environmental risk assessment to ensure the environments posed no potential risks to young people or children. For example: Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (February 2016) for - PDF - (opens in new window), Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (June 2015) for - PDF - (opens in new window), Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (November 2014) for - PDF - (opens in new window), Lancashire: Children's Services Inspections Reports (2012) for - PDF - (opens in new window), Blackburn with Darwen: Children's Services Inspections Reports (2012) for - PDF - (opens in new window), Blackpool: Children's Services Inspections Reports (2009) for - PDF - (opens in new window), Inspection Report published 31 December 2010 for - PDF - (opens in new window). People had access to translation services. Systems were still not in place to ensure that the corresponding legal authority to administer medication to patients subject to a community treatment order were kept with the medicine chart and reviewed by nurses administering medication. If you have complex needs, we also support you care coordination during your discharge process. Staff spoke highly of their line managers and told us they felt listened to. They followed good practice with respect to young peoples competence and capacity to consent to or refuse treatment. There was good adherence to the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act. Home based treatment enables the team to visit for a period of between 6 8 weeks if clinically indicated. Staff delivered care in a responsive, caring manner and strived to ensure patients cultural and diverse needs were met. We observed some negative interactions between staff and patients, where staff did not engage appropriately with the patient. This occurred when patients had been assessed as needing inpatient admission, but there were no beds available. Our rating of this service stayed the same. Activity plans on Dutton ward showed patients received below 25 hours per week of meaningful activity. We saw care plans at one unit were particularly personalised, holistic, and recovery focused. Implementing the National Service Framework for Long-Term (Neurological) Conditions: service user and service provider experiences. Staff completed risk assessments on admission and updated these regularly. The trust did not have accurate or complete information in relation to patients who remained in the health-based places of safety or the mental health decision units for prolonged periods of time. We know that you are at your best when you are at home, with your support network of carers, friends and family around you. The trust was transparent and open in its approach to safeguarding and reporting incidents. They supported staff with supervision. Waiting times, delays and cancellations were minimal and managed appropriately. Mental Health Act administrators provided input into each ward and provided daily updates on the status of each patient. We can accept referrals from health professionals for individuals or carers who require a period of respite for a weekend or one or two weeks depending on availability of accommodation. Advocacy services were accessible and available to support patients. Feedback from patients was mixed regarding involvement in their care plans. Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. At Hurstwood ward, space was at a premium but utilised well.

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