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He went on trial in June 2021. Erin Moriarty: But who did send it to you? Erin Moriarty: Do you think Frank was obsessed with Rachael? Lauren Watkins: We would just drive around, listen to music and talk. BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. . Asst. Judge Kim Tesla ordered the man to pay thousands in prosecution fees and restitution. His parents, who had already paid off his gambling debt and once marched him to the police station for a reprimand for stealing their money, drew the line at the weapon and grounded him for a . Pennsylvania State Police closed four homicide cases involving six victims after linking convicted serial killer Edward A. Surratt to the long-unsolved crimes. Absolutely not. The Pennsylvania State Police, Criminal Investigation Assessment Unit, Troop, K, Philadelphia, continues their investigation into the homicide of Denise Sharon Kulb. The victim was last seen alive on August 7, 1996. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you have information on this crime, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS (1-800-472-8477). Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Rachael DelTondo's death still unsolved nearly 1 year later; DA says he is 'committed to bringing her murderer to justice' . Erin Moriarty: It states that they ask Sheldon for the clothing he was wearing that night and he gave them other clothing. January 31, 2023 in Other. Sheldon Jeter Jr.'s uncle, Michael Moreland, says Sheldon was home the night Rachael DelTondo was killed. Basil the Great Church, East Pikeland Township, Chester County. Whatever the truth, Catroppa was able to read the report that day, and it didn't quite match the story that Rachael had told him. Lauren Watkins: She helped me with everything. Lisa DelTondo, Rachael's mother, believes Sheldon Jeter was involved in her daughter's murder. Ray Gricar was 59 years old at the time of his disappearance. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. John Paul: You come here to not be seen. Erin Moriarty: I'm going to ask you point-blank, because I know you want to answer this question. It has been determined that Cpl. Last words. At 5:30 a.m. the following morning Wells' rental car was found out of gas and abandoned in the middle of Route 274 near New Germantown in Perry County, 35 miles from the motel. And if you look at the way this girl was shot and if you look at the close range that she was shot, this was somebody who was comfortable with a gun somebody that did not waiver, did not have emotion involved in this. John Paul: Yeah. She was also known to frequent Gables Truck Stop. When asked why people would think he was involved, he told Erin Moriarty, "Maybe just, you know, we had a long relationship. Robert was a self-employed furniture repairman. Diane Wolf was seen on or about Friday, January 29, 1999, at 7:00 a.m. by Lita Wolf. Wells' change purse was on the ground by the car, money still inside. And I said, "OK, I believe you." Tesla denied the motion, arguing the evidence provided didnt meet statutory requirements. He had two tattoos; one being a bird in flight with a heart in the background and the other being a bulldog wearing a World War I helmet and the letters "USMC" printed below it. Contact reporter Chrissy Suttles at or on Twitter @ChrissySuttles. State Police located this gun and ammunition in Sheldon Jeter Jr.'s bedroom that matched the shell casings from the Tyric Pugh crime scene. Michael Santicola: I'm saying that her story doesn't make sense. She also insists that Sheldon wasn't the only man fixated on Rachael. Erin Moriarty: You had no sense of that at all. Catroppa says the more he pulled away, the more jealous Rachael became. But Lisa DelTondo stands by her account. When "48 Hours" asked, officials wouldn't confirm or deny whether Frank Catroppa is a person of interest in Rachael's murder or whether he, Sheldon Jeter or anyone else has been cleared. Theory 1 Maybe just tryin' to discredit me. Santicola claimed the womans soon-to-be-ex-husband suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from seeing DelTondos body in the driveway. On August 14, 1996, at approximately at 9:45 p.m., the body of Keith John Polerecki was found in a field located in Coxton Rail Yards, Duryea Borough, Luzerne County. But it also says she "didn't want her fianc to know because he would get mad.". Michael Santicola: There's only one person that got her outside her house, and that was Ms. Watkins. Santicola asked for a mistrial or an evidentiary hearing to prove one juror that convicted Jeter in June had multiple conflicts of interest, including living next door to Rachael DelTondo the teacher shot in her driveway on Mothers Day 2018. Super Bowl weekend 2016, Frank was at the game with some buddies and they weren't alone. Erin Moriarty: But it's just a coincidence, though, that, right after you get it, it's suddenly made public. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Frank Catroppa: I don't know what she could possibly tell them. So, I said, "Get that report done.". Chief Joe Perciavalle: He was upset. He's like, "why not? Asst. In October 2011, NCIS and the United States Marine Corps Absentee Collection Unit discovered a potential match to John Doe while reviewing records of individuals that were reported Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) in October 1968. He was pounding --. Heike also spoke fluent German. Michael Santicola: It didn't start in the car they had a relationship going on for quite some time. On August 26, 1986, Jolene was walking home from Mercy Hospital in Scranton, after visiting her mother. Lita Wolf and Diane Wolf had ended their shift at Hanover Foods Inc. 1550 York Street, Hanover, PA. I mean, I I -- I guess so. Jeters attorney, Michael Santicola, on Wednesday made an oral motion for extraordinary relief, which was summarily denied by Tesla. She was a good girl. Santicola believes this should have led the juror in question to disclose her physical ties to DelTondo. He was initially a person of interest, but District Attorney David Lozier has confirmed that he is not a suspect in her murder. I clearly indicated to both sides that the court would liberally grant the right to ask questions to each juror by both the commonwealth and defendants, he said. Rachael DelTondo's death is the ninth unsolved murder in her hometown of Aliquippa. The case was twice covered by America's Most Wanted, most recently in 2008. Jen Glovan: They were still going out together -- pretty much doing what they were doing before. Lisa DelTondo: --nasty thing that could've happened to her. And of course the nationally famous case of "the Boy in the Box," which happened 60 years ago, yet still fascinates writers and sleuths and triggers flurries of police investigation. But according to Catroppa the relationship wasn't the same. The victim had no prior police record or contact. Two murders that occurred two years apart in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, stunned the tight-knit community and left them with many questions. 8:00 - 23:00 . Christy Ann Mirack was found dead in her home in East Lampeter Township in Lancaster County on Dec. 21, 1992. Belcastro's theory was that Frank had something to do with it. Frank Catroppa: Yeah. Chief Joe Perciavalle: Just put it on there just in case somebody came. After Rachael's death, that investigation by state police into possible corruption in Aliquippa seems to have stepped up. But today, the city can't even afford a fully-staffed police force. "Yeah, all my clothes are right there." Sheldon wasn't the only person police initially questioned. Catroppa was allowed to take home that copy of the report, and a day or two later, someone used it to strike a devastating blow at Rachael DelTondo's reputation. Corriveau, originally from Lawrence, Massachusetts was twenty years old at the time of his death. On Monday, September 18, 1972, Morgan Walters Peters Jr. was found lying in a small gully; face down approximately 55 feet north of the north edge of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in the area of milepost 189.2. Chief Joe Perciavalle: He told me she was tryin' to get back with him. Like, she says things and they're not exactly true. fulfillment warehouse 761 progress parkway lasalle illinois. Editor's note: This story was previously updated to reflect that the City of Aliquippa can't afford a fully-staffed police force. In both murders, police began looking for a suspect, a man possibly in his middle 40s with short, tapered hair and a mustache. Bullet casings were found near his truck and the truck windows were smashed inside and outside of his vehicle. I wasn't gonna text back and be like, "Who's this?". The staff notified her landlord that lived in the front house on the property and he had found her and called for the ambulance. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. aliquippa, pa unsolved murders. Law enforcement discovered her body in the vacant home during the early morning hours of September 12, 1997. [crying] I said, "were you doing drugs with this kid in the car?" authorities in Perry County, Pa. charged a local man with the 1983 murder of his wife. WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you have information on this crime, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. Frank Catroppa: Absolutely not. On July, 15, 1981, at approximately 3:00 a.m., Vicki Sinz, 22, was last seen walking north on SR 8 from the Rusty Nail Pub in Butler Township, Butler County, near the Picklegate Bridge. Did you follow Rachael? 2019 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rachael also told John Paul that she had received death threats -- including a text that said she wouldn't live to see the end of 2018 -- and she feared she was being followed by the Aliquippa Police. It was beautiful. Rachael was the teacher with a soft heart who liked to help troubled students. Tesla delayed Jeters transfer to a state correctional facility granting him continued access to his legal team throughout the appeals process. Diane Wolf was seen on or about Friday, January 29, 1999, at 7:30 a.m. Diane Wolf cashed a paycheck at Dauphin Deposit, 105 Dart Drive, Hanover, PA. but they both agreed to break up with their significant others. In May 2020, almost two years to the day that Rachael DelTondo was gunned down, a young man named Tyric Pugh was shot multiple times. Jen Glovan says she and Rachael were once "best friends.". It was higher than in 67.6% U.S. cities. ALIQUIPPA, Pa. (KDKA) - State police say Sheldon Jeter Jr. is the prime suspect in a deadly Aliquippa shooting and he's been charged with criminal homicide. On September 22, 1981, at approximately 8:30 p.m., Michelle Reidenbach was last seen in the parking lot of the Super Duper Market, located on South Main St. in Zelienople Borough, Butler County, PA. Nothing to do with Sheldon. John Paul: I can say, based on my reporting, that Frank Catroppa is the subject of a grand jury investigation being run by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. And he just wanted to know if it was true 'cause he don't wanna look stupid. Jen Gloven [crying]: She grabbed my hand and she just said, "You know, please just don't tell anybody this. That night, there would be no bedside report. Rachael DelTondo was 33 years old when she was killed in 2018. In October, 2017, police in Philadelphia used DNA to rule out a possible link to a family in Tennessee. I'm not a police officer. Jen Glovan: I do not know, no. It was one of the many Pennsylvania cold cases, spanning decades, where investigators continue to hold out hope for tips and clues. What did eventually bother Catroppa was Rachael's story about what happened with 17-year-old Sheldon Jeter. Glovan now felt Catroppa needed to know, but Rachael insisted the encounter was innocent. I'm not a city official. John Paul: If the things that she said proved true, they would be problematic for him. DelTondos murder garnered national attention, and its hard to believe the juror whose family lived next door had no prior knowledge of Jeter, Santicola said. Investigators are interested in hearing from any waiters or bartenders who were working at Buck Hill Falls Lodge during August/September of 1970. It appeared the boys had been struck by a vehicle(s). When she called me, I don't know if it was because she was marrying him or because of the ring -- it was a six-carat oval. The incident was reported by newspapers in the surrounding area, including Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE. The case shook Aliquippa and remains the ninth unsolved murder in a city with an underfunded and understaffed police department. Jeters defense team plans to file a post-trial motion and, eventually, an appeal with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania to decide whether a mistrial should, in fact, be granted. Jolene then continued on alone, and her friend watched her turn onto North Washington Avenue towards her home. Through his attorney Michael Santicola, Sheldon Jeter says that Rachael was never his teacher. He was planning to retire at the end of 2005, with 20 years of service. The deceased male became a "John Doe" and was laid to rest at Longwood Cemetery in an unmarked grave where he remained unidentified for 44 years. Corriveau was admitted into the Philadelphia Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was receiving psychiatric treatment. Erin Moriarty: Was Frank actually interested in being with Rachael at that point? because she started getting death threats and feared for her life. More than a year after 33-year-old Rachael DelTondo was shot point-blank in her mother's driveway on Mother's Day the case remains unsolved. Lisa DelTondo: Every window in the house, he pounded on. Lisa DelTondo: She was excited. WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you have information on this crime, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. And John Paul says Aliquippa's problems run deeper than anyone guessed. Lisa DelTondo, who insists that Jeter mistook Rachael's kindness as romantic love, says he became obsessed with her daughter. Reports like this are not immediately accessible; to obtain one it requires a formal request. Robert Daniel Corriveau. Come on. I will never see my brother physically again, and thats not fair, she said. She had to go to a doctor. Surveillance cameras captured Sheldon Jeter Jr. leaving home with Tyric Pugh, seen here at 11:10 p.m. Later, cameras captured Sheldon returning alone. So, she kinda wanted to kinda paint me in a bad light at times. The AWOL Vietnam vet with two purple hearts who was found stabbed through the heart along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1968, and who remained unidentified until 2009. Wedding plans commenced immediately, and so did a Shakespearean battle over who was running the show. Despite intense publicity and distribution of thousands of flyers, his identity and killer remain unknown. She then contacted police to report him missing. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. LISA DELTONDO [voicemail]: Spend some time in Aliquippa and you'll be able to write a best-seller. An autopsy determined that he had been stabbed once through the heart. Additionally, because it was believed that John Doe had served in the United States Marine Corps, a request for assistance was sent to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Some of the Pennsylvania cold cases could easily provide the basis for an episode of a TV forensic investigation show: Here are details of the some of the most prominent cold cases in Pennsylvania. stanislaus county jail; the grind lacrosse tournament schedule 2021; how to tighten on cloud speed laces; 0. aliquippa, pa unsolved murders. Lisa DelTondo [showing the shoes]: Never got to wear 'em. Frank Catroppa: Yes I never denied, you know, receiving it from that day. There are multiple theories about who did it and why, including one that someone in the local police department was responsible. After the sentencing hearing, Jeters family and friends told reporters, through tears, the truth will come out during Jeters appeal. Even Jen Glovan got it. And when Rachael wasn't with Bolton, she was spending time with former student, 17-year-old Lauren Watkins. . A small city outside of Pittsburgh, Aliquippa was once was home to big steel, big money and big NFL stars who came up through the renowned high school football program. The results of the analysis revealed the person of interest is most likely a medium to light skinned African-American male with Green or Hazel Eye color and zero to few freckles. Rachael's parents say they never saw evidence of drug use. And after that night, Frankie and Rachael did not speak to us for an entire year. He says it was an accident and meant for someone else. The report states that Rachael told police that Jeter was "once a student of hers," now a "friend," and they were just talking. Erin Moriarty: At any point did you have Rachael followed? Frankie was generous. After June 10, the Crime Solvers extra reward will expire and callers will only receive the $5,000 from the PA. Jolene has not been seen since. In May 2020, police say, Pugh was found. Erin Moriarty: How did you know he was drunk? This month, investigators announced thatDNA evidence and advances in technology enabled them to create a composite drawing of the man who killed her. John Paul: Certainly, they shined a light in a place that was very dark -- that a lot of people felt wasn't even a place worth bother looking at. I could tell. There's a lotta money, too, that I lost, like, you know, deposits on halls and churches that's what they chose to do. Catroppa's attorney would not confirm whether Catroppa is the subject of a grand jury investigation, and it's unclear exactly what he would be investigated for. A grand jury has been hearing evidence. Erin Moriarty: At some point, then, did you start talking to Rachel? Lisa DelTondo: Because I watched him leave as I pointed an air pistol at him --, Joe DelTondo: -- pounding on the window. When Rachael was slain in 2018, she was 33 years old. Tire Collection Events. Witnesses in the area stated that they saw a person matching Jolene's description enter an unidentified light yellow car, approximately one block from her family's residence on North Washington Avenue. In October 1968, Cpl. The 2018 crime rate in Aliquippa, PA is 194 ( crime index), which is 1.4 times lower than the U.S. average. So, Frank went to the Aliquippa Police Department and asked Assistant Police Chief Joe Perciavalle if there was an incident report. Last seen wearing: blue body shirt with design, blue jean vest, blue jeans and brown leather belt, knee socks, beige or tan leather boots with side zipper, glasses with initials "VLS" etched on one lens, beige or tan leather purse with long should strap. Both Lynn and Dale were found deceased. The World War II veteran, former prisoner of war and father of five found dead in a taxi in northeastern Pa. in 1970. He says he believed her. Frank Catroppa: No. She's nice, genuine -- big hearted. Descubr lo que tu empresa podra llegar a alcanzar. Lisa DelTondo: Rachael was dating a wonderful young man Frank was engaged. The day after the report's release, Rachael was suspended from her job. Curiously, Lauren sent a text to Rachael even though Rachael was sitting in the same car. According to DelTondo her daughter was "Deathly afraid of police. John Paul: The police departments we have are populated largely by part-time officers. Asst. At the time he was wearing cut off blue jean shorts, white t-shirt, and sandals. Lisa DelTondo: She'd come in every night, sit at my bed and give me a synopsis of the whole day. The Beaver County Detectives Bureau has since taken it over. His investigation revealed the juror was discussing Jeters case with family throughout the trial, he said. It's gorgeous. And then he goes, "Well what are you doing?" Asst. He was naked and beaten and believed to be between the ages of 3 and 7. Hometown of Jimmy Stewart, Indiana Pennsylvania. That was like our thing. It was going to be their jury., Santicola agreed to forgo asking about the high-profile DelTondo case to avoid creating problems that didnt exist.. On the way, they picked up 26-year-old Tyrie Jeter, yet another half-brother of Sheldon. The shooter either followed Rachael or was lying in wait. Moriarty asked. Surratt's confession led to resolutions in four unsolved homicide cases in the state. They didn't do a report. Sheldon has not been charged in the DelTondo case and his attorney Michael Santicola says he's not involved in her murder. John Leonard was a World War II Veteran and had been a Prisoner of War for over 22 months. It it -- it wasn't -- it wasn't me. It's Frankie." On Nov. 14, 2017,authorities in Perry County, Pa. charged a local man with the 1983 murder of his wife, providing a reminder that even decades-old "cold cases" are never totally forgotten. John Paul: Rachael described a city that was rotten to its core. Erin Moriarty: Did you have anything to do, at all, with her death? Days later it was anonymously leaked to the public. Jen Glovan: Rachael basically told Frankie that myself and Matt, we -- were spreading rumors about her, saying that she's on drugs and saying that she's, you know, sleeping around with people around town. Not only was he my brother, but he was like a father figure to me.. Lisa DelTondo: Frankie made people take sides, so her friends had all, like, kinda went away. An investigation into the man's death and his identity was conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, Criminal Investigation Unit, at which time it was called the Troop J, Exton Substation. The case of a young teacher killed steps from her home, is still unsolved over three years later. WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you have information on this missing person, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. On July 29, 2009, in an effort to further the investigation, members of the Pennsylvania State Police, Criminal Investigation Assessment/Missing Persons Unit, with assistance from the Chester County District Attorney's Office and Chester County Coroner's Office, exhumed John Doe's body. Joe DelTondo: But she felt safe with him. Don Couch contradicts that. Travel time from the vehicle to where Morgan Peters was found is 16.5 minutes going 65 mph. A person of interest in her murder was convicted in another homicide. Almost home. Me and my brother look very much alike, so when I look at myself I cant help but to see him. So, they scooped it up. She was walking with a friend. Rachael DelTondo's parents said Rashawn Bolton, 31, Sheldon Jeter's half brother, helped their daughter feel safe. And I said, "Please don't lie to me. In the hour leading up to Rachael's death, search warrant applications indicate that Sheldon was texting Tyrie. Erin Moriarty: Wasn't she even hospitalized a little bit? I have no idea. Erin Moriarty: I mean, you need justice for your daughter. The jury has found Sheldon Jeter, Jr. guilty of first-degree murder in his homicide trial. It previously read full-time police force. Bone samples were sent to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification where a DNA profile was obtained and entered into a national missing persons DNA database. Tyric had been living on and off at the same home as Sheldon Jeter, and they considered each other family. Chief Joe Perciavalle: Well, I think it was -- it was just so late at night and he was 17, still in school. Diane Wolf has not been located since Sunday, January 31, 1999. It's nothing serious. Upon arrival the officer found Stephanie Coyle on her bedroom floor. Frank Catroppa and Rachael DelTondo celebrated their engagement with a kiss in front of the Eiffel Towel, Sheldon Jeter was a star football player for Aliquippa High School, Lisa DelTondo said her daughter told her that she was cooperating in an ongoing investigation by state police into alleged corruption in the Aliquippa Police Department, and that she had received death threats. They're following me.'". Jen Glovan: Yeah. why is poverty island closed to the public MSY: 1021 Airline Dr, Kenner, LA 70062 (Free Shuttle) 8:00 - 23:00 24-Hour Drop Off Text / WhatsApp: 504-500-1885 aliquippa, pa unsolved murders (504) 500-1880. And I said, "I'm gonna ask you two -- two questions." Rachael was reluctant at first. William Leonard left Micks Taxi Garage in Cresco, PA., for the two mile ride to Buck Hill Falls Lodge. After Frank Catroppa's birthday party, it's now early 2017. Frank Catroppa: You know, I was more confused than anything. WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you have information on this crime, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. The crime was discovered after firefighters responded to the scene of a house fire. Erin Moriarty: As you sit here, do you believe that Frank Catroppa had to have at least been involved? According to search warrants, he showed little emotion when told about Rachael's death. Morgan was last seen in his vehicle going through a toll booth on the turnpike. 1968, U.S. Marine Cpl. Asst. The female was most likely born and spent her early childhood in the Western to Central Region of Europe. Lisa DelTondo says her daughter told her that she was cooperating in an ongoing investigation by state police, into alleged corruption in the Aliquippa Police Department, and that she had received death threats. So, it needs to be explained.

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