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This is sort of an important thing to do, because after study 181 is more expensive time studies (and endgame), which will require more EP and other resources. on web. Note that 11 has a fail state, but matter rises so slow that you shouldn't worry. You'll find that your Achievements give substantial bonuses, including starting with 1e25 AM each Infinity and 16x IP gain, which has been already seen before in previous infinities, but now will include the 1st eternity addition of an IP autobuyer (as for getting the eternity milestone), which will be automatically buying IP multiplier upgrades, and there will be more quality of life additions as you get more milestones (up to the 100th eternity milestone). I recommend closing the game before bed and doing this overnight. These infinity runs will be quite long. That's where the 3rd upgrade comes in. You may have to wait about 2-3 hours for 1.8e308 replicanti and then buy a replicanti galaxy in order to do this. This increases improves the IP formula from to . You must. Professional Bodybuilder - Get all your dimension bulk buyers to 1e100. Set your crunch autobuyer to an appropriate amount x last crunch. Dilated time production is boosted based on best meta-antimatter (log (x)^0.5). You can maybe skip TS192 for more time studies. Steam. The game converts your imported save file into allcaps and removes all whitespace, then puts it through a sha512_256 (a common hash - info about it can be found elsewhere) hash, meaning that there are other things that can also be imported. Meta-antimatter effect on dimension boosts is stronger (x^8 to x^9). Note that for infinity challenges you should make sure to enable your dimension boost autobuyer so it can do dimension shifts as the 4th column of infinity upgrades isn't effective in challenges and you should always max out dimboosts while in infinity challenges. Set them to buy max (you can't with the tickspeed one yet). You now have 11 total time theorems, so get Time Study 42. After this, do Infinity Challenge 2 (IC2). 1st Antimatter Dimensions are 3 times stronger. (I found ways to beat it in 1e17 EP or less, even without eternity challenge completion: respec studies and turn off all autobuyer, buy single 1st dimensions, crunch (if you can't, buy second and third until you have more than 1.80e308 antimatter, you can only get about 27 IP), then turn on auto crunch and set to 2e308x, buy all studies with TD/idle, then turn on normal dimension 1-8, tickspeed, dimboost, galaxies, infinity dimension 1-8, replicanti change, interval, max galaxies, replicanted galaxies and IP multi, I beat in 2e16 EP without any eternity challenge complete - E308.25), Eternities are the new Infinity (Possible at about 1e18 EP w/ infinity dimensions and active path) - Should eventually be trivial, either you can get them through autobuy, click on big crunch a few times, etc. This achievement may also be achieved by just importing, although it may not work. Basic Glyph Types are: Power, Infinity, Time, Replication and Dilation. This is because the replicanti multiplier on infinity dimensions resets after a galaxy, so infinity power production will halt for a while, and you will have to wait for it to build back up. 3-26-2020, v1.2: Added antimatter dimensions! It is recommended to do the achievement now as it is harder to do this later (but there are ways to do it in the late game so don't worry too much). It takes about 20 or more hours to get this achievement, assuming that you are not buying any RGs and are at maximum replicate chance and interval, and have Time Study 62, 192 and 213. Focus on getting that time down. In addition to having Challenge 9's restriction, when buying dimensions 1-4, everything with costs smaller or equal increases, and when buying dimensions 5-8, everything with costs bigger or equal increases. Invest these on the left path at the start of the tree (21, 31, 33, 41), and when you have 7 of them in total, including those invested into the 21 path, respec out of the 21 path and switch to the Infinity Dimensions (middle) path in the first 3 way split. You will get the "Time is relative" achievement as the reward for doing your first eternity. ]], ** In the late-game, there is "Long lasting relationship" which requires you to. 500 52.97% (20.8) Multidimensional -6.6. Dilation upgrades and the secret study don't count as studies. Gain a multiplier to Tachyon Particle and Dilated Time gain based on Antimatter Galaxies. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Instead, you can Dimension Boost just for the multiplier. Start an Infinity Challenge inside an Eternity Challenge. Due to dilated time being a currency produced by a constant source, which upgrades you spend your dilated time on first isn't a massive deal, but buy those upgrades whenever you get access to them, and I'd recommend buying the galaxy threshold multiplier decrease last for the sake of speed, so that you do not waste any dilated time and any possible dilated time upgrade. "Potato" is 1e29, the requirement of the original "Faster than a Potato" achievement, so Potato^286,078 = 1e8,296,262. "Design", "Christmas", "Finnish", "Confused", or "Nicolas". You automatically collect antimatter over time - you can use this antimatter to buy dimensions. When paranoid about losing progress, you might save really frequently. "Do you really need a guide for this? Zero Deaths achievement in Antimatter Dimensions. The first one (Max 8ths used on reset) means to always Dimension Boost until it costs more than that many 8th dimensions. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. - YouTube Finally! You will eventually get 20 4th Dimensions and have around 10 Trillion antimatter. (log10(AD1)/10)^2.2 -> (log10(AD1)/10)^2.4, or AD1^0.009 -> AD1^0.01 if you completed IC2. This will take a while. This challenge can be completed at higher EP if you cannot currently beat EC12 (1e1300 EP is enough for 12x5). All Antimatter Dimensions are raised to ^1.081, Increase the multiplier per repeatable Dilated Time multiplier upgrade by 1.35. Antimatter Dimensions Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You should also optimize your challenge times. ", as the game is coded in a different language (Java/Kotlin) and access to a console is not possible without developer tools. Internally called "Minute of infinity" on web. Complete the Tickspeed Autobuyer challenge (C9) in 3 minutes or less. Turn off bulk buy. This should let you beat the challenge fairly quickly, and get that upgrade high. Set auto dimboost to 0 and 18 (can be slightly different for you). Make sure to turn every ID autobuyer and replicanti autobuyer on. Your antimatter doesn't reset on Dimension Boosts or Antimatter Galaxies. Synergism can go above 100% and Momentum increases 10x faster. You want as many as possible. 1st Antimatter Dimensions are 5% stronger. You may need to do 2 RG runs as you approach e240 IP. You may have to Big Crunch or start a Challenge before attempting some of the harder ones. Made purchasing time theorems with EP require at least 1 time dimension. Have complete > 0 Infinity Challenges after Crunching. Note that after the reality update, buying tickspeed upgrades in IC5 is now completely safe so that autobuyer can be left on, but the goal for the challenge is increased. Buying tickspeed upgrades in infinity challenge 5 is 100% safe now but the goal was increased to compensate. All achievements to get in this section occur naturally. Do it over and over again at 2x, until it gets faster (because you keep your tickspeed upgrades on sacrifice), then once the sacrifice multiplier gets to 2x almost instantly you will be able to do it at 3x, then 4x, then 10x, then you will inflate to infinity. (Mobile) Have 8 Infinity Challenges completed after Crunching. Sacrifice when multiplier gained is 1.8e308. This is to prevent game-breaking growth. When this strategy stops working out for you, move to steps 5-8. For challenges you may need to get more galaxies or dimensional boosts than usual. Additional 4 multiplier to Infinity Points gained from Big Crunch. Used to be on the right of study 11, but room had to be made for study 12 in the Nameless Ones' reality. Getting enough dilated time will give free galaxies (another overpowered source of progress) and also allows you to purchase new upgrades that will progress you further. It costs 0 TT and has no pre-requisites. Once you get to this phase of the game, the IP and EP multipliers from these paths don't really matter because you're getting so many OoM so quickly, so therefore the big difference in the 2 paths is the replicanti production rate, as well as the greater replicanti multiplier due to the synergy between the Active and ID paths. There is a point where the IP starts slowing down in production (probably after a few minutes of the infinity) with close to 1% of the IP on big crunch, but it will depend. This means that you can make things impossible until you reset if Dimension 8's cost gets too high. Have antimatter/sec exceed your current antimatter above 1e63. Sorry about that. You could also do this with macro/autoclicker strategies. You don't need to bother to unlock replicanti for short runs to 1 EP, but eventually they will unlock automatically, due to one of the milestones. With the June 2018 update, there is a new feature that will continue your progress after 1e1300 EP, called Time Dilation. In the Reality Update, you can import "Galactic", "Work", "Bliss", "Blind", "Stellar" or "Blob". After you complete this achievement, you can do other things, like grinding for EP. When buying tickspeed, everything with the same cost increases. You could have done this earlier, right when you were able to get banked infinities, but you can do it at this point as well. All Antimatter Dimensions are 40% stronger, but only in challenges. Special notes . Getting Time Dilation is deemed necessary to continue progress, which without it will cause you to be stuck at around the 1e1300 EP mark. By this point, your fastest infinity should be about 5 seconds. You can buy 8th ADs in the same Infinity, as long as you have 0 when you crunch. Dimensions Statistics Achievements Dimensions Time Dimensions Production Have antimatter/sec exceed your current antimatter for 30 consecutive seconds. Additionally, you should have completed the first six eternity challenges 5 times, and you should also have at least 2-4 completions of EC7 and 2 completions of EC8. Keep buing first dimensions until their cost increases. 54.7% Multidimensional Reach 1 T of all Antimatter Dimensions except the 8th. Later on in the game, you will have to grind more for Time Study 193, which caps at ~1,012,680 eternities, but wait until you have EC10 to do that. You should still follow the order of the Eternity Challenges to increase power, and try to achieve some achievements in row 12. Antimatter Dimensions - Antimatter Dimensions is a highly unfolding Idle Incremental game with multiple layers of unlocks, prestige, and achievements. which may come at random. Requires 1e4000 EP and achivement 11-138 completion to make a reality. After reaching 1e50 IP try to do runs where you get as many galaxies as you can in 1-10 minutes. - Multiplier to all dimensions based on slowest challenge run: This one forces you to revisit challenges. Gotten by lowering the window size. Then, there are 3 repeatable upgrades. if you have not yet infinitied. Sacrifice if necessary. Later updates removed the reward text: "Reward: Gain a small bonus to time dimensions based on amount eternitied. If you can't do this, respec out of time study 32, and you can get up to 8 infinities of that length. The button says "Import tree"; importing "tree" is literally following the instructions. The achievement is a reference to the guards in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Do manual boosts if you get stuck and eventually the challenge will succeed. There is a . Press F12, ctrl+shift+c, ctrl+shift+i, or ctrl+shift+j. Get all of your Dimension autobuyer bulk buyers to 512. I believe after doing 2.5 playthroughs, I have a good idea of how to beat the game fairly efficiently. (Sort of like the "Do you need a guide for this" achievement, but you need to do it with 1 infinitied stat). After you reach around e260 IP, I recommend getting max replicanti galaxies in each infinity, as it will only take about 2 hours assuming you remember to upgrade everything (IP mult, IDs, replicanti upgrades). Trivial; 1st dimensions must be purchased to start the game. Setting update rate to 33 ms, and making a setup for grinding eternities will be important. 2) Go to autobuyers, disable bulk buy, set dimensions 2-7 to singles and in IC5 also set tickspeed to buy singles. * {{Squick}}: There's an Achievement called "Like Feasting on a Behind", which is implied to be exactly what you think it sounds. There are eight dimensions in total. Note that right after getting a replicated galaxy progress will be very slow. Have each of your past 10 Eternities be Infinity times more EP than the previous one. OR: To get the achievement, turn off autobuyers, start a new eternity, and enter Automatic Big Crunches challenge. At this point, you should be able to start Eternity Challenge 1. Each row you finish gives a 1.5x multiplier on all dimensions, which is a nice boost early on. Max out galaxies, and dimboosts if necessary. You will get a decent ways through the challenge like this, Disable your Dimension (not tickspeed) autobuyers, then hold M, and get as many galaxies and dimension boosts as possible until you can't. Keep buing first dimensions until their cost increases. (now 117) in the mobile version. Also, turn on the eternity autobuyer at 0 EP and go offline, to allow the 100 eternities milestone to give you several thousand free eternities while you wait. If you wish to max out TS193, you will have to grind eternities, but you will be able to get a larger boost from it, taking from at least few hours to a few days. I didn't cover Priority before, but basically it's which things the autobuyers prioritize buying if they can afford multiple things. At 100,000,000 infinities and 70 spare TT, you can buy EC4x1 and can attempt it. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. These numbers can be tweaked a bit if needed, but they should be pretty close if this configuration alone doesn't work, keep replicant count up just in case. Then, at 1e280 IP and 1e60000 Antimatter, unlock ID8. 67,500 Points (XP) 31 100% Club. Note that you can use galaxies in the process of getting this achievement - get your max RG to 180, turn off the galaxy autobuyer, and infinity. Before performing your first eternity, you should do all of the following: Once you have possibly done all of the above things, you can Eternity. Now after buying everything under 25 M IP, go for 100 M IP, then do not buy anything. Set crunch autobuyer to 4.9 seconds. When you first unlock replicantis, you may not be totally sure what they do. ": Be sure to do two infinities under 4.9 seconds. Please update to a newer browser. The order of upgrades should go like this: 3x TP upgrade (if possible, but recommended) -> Double dilated time generation -> Galaxy threshold multiplier decrease (to prevent wasting dilated time, as it will reset). For challenge 9, you can easily mess up, but I have some tips. Row 12 achievements in this margin (only some, varying in difficulty): As usual, as you grind, you will eventually be able to do challenges, either for a faster completion or completing it right away when you can unlock it. 5 more eternities until the update - In practice, you'll get this when you finish EC10x5, because you cannot really beat EC11 or EC12 before getting more TT. Either Auto Dimension Boost, Antimatter Galaxy or Big Crunch autobuyer unlocked. Have your 1st AD's production/s be greater than your current antimatter for 30 seconds. Click to reveal Stare intently at the statistics tab for 15 real-time minutes. 16000 to 31999: apply notation recursively to n-8e3 looks like this: ^^ = 16200. You may have guessed that Eternity is a prestige layer at 1.8e308 IP, and that is right. Make sure to do that from time to time until all your challenge times are 0.1 seconds or less. Once you reach 1e1300 EP, TD prices and EP multiplier prices skyrocket to over 1e1400 EP, and you cannot really get to that amount of EP yet. Buy single tickspeed 100,000 (web: 1,000,000) times. You could do it now, but it will take long). A famous quote from James Bond. However, unfortunately you have now hit the TD5 wall. Complete Infinity Challenge 5 while Doomed. There were two removed secret achievements: Dip the Antimatter - Dip the antimatter. This carries on through Infinities and Eternities. There are currently 32 of them in the game. You can get the 1e40 EP Time Dimension upgrade that multiplies TDs by TT, and the 1e50 EP Time Dimension upgrade that multiplies TDs by days played (could be powerful depending on the amount of time you spent on the game) later on. This achievement cycles between hiding and showing the achievement image every second until it has been achieved. ), Minimize infinity challenge times: Same as above, but leave infinity broken, leave the dimboost buyer on (just for dimensional shifts) and spam M. IC4 needs ~8 galaxies, IC8 needs ~13 galaxies. Galaxies no longer reset dimension boosts. Enter 69 in any of the autobuyer textboxes. Get a level 5,000 Glyph with all Glyph level factors equally weighted. Repeat this step until it's no longer autobuying any dimboosts or galaxies. Replicanti rise exponentially and give a multiplier to Infinity Dimensions. First eternity now takes you to the time dimensions tab. The basic goal is to reach Infinity and receive an Infinity point, which can be spent on various upgrades to increase your overall production. After some time once you have bought everything costing 1e45 IP or less, do a very long run to get e10500 Antimatter and unlock ID4. Next, get 222 again then finally 226. You should be able to push your fastest infinity time down to 30-35 ms. You may have to wait a while. is commonly posted on anything with 69 in it, regardless of context.

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antimatter dimensions zero deaths
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