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Youll often see Jamie and Claire pass through here on their carriage to head on into Jareds home in Paris. From where Dougal blackmails the reverend with new windows, when Jamie follows Claire into the church and where Jamie and Claire exchange vows. And, lets face it, right now we mostly have time on our hands. It really is an epic day out for Outlander fans, see how many locations you can find with this list. Inside you can find some visitor exhibits and art galleries, as well as following in the footsteps of Roger and Bree. In series 3, Claire and Bree stay while looking for Jamie and finally in series 4, when Roger sells the house. Once youre inside the cathedral, head down to the Lower Crypt where the tomb of St Mungo is kept. When the Earl learns that the baby isnt his, he threatens to kill him. Family roots there. On their travels, they stumble upon a Gypsy camp where someone has stolen the song. Located just a 20-minute drive from Glasgow, the remodeled Cawdermill House was originally used as an inn with stables, according to the real estate agent Savills.Its list price was a minimum of . Unfortunately, a lot of the houses and shops that were around the harbour arent there and they were edited on with CGI. I was the one who visited this site and provided the photos Carol posted. She believes he has the sapphire that was taken from Silkies Island. I had the pleasure of staying in the one they shot in here, number 14. What do you think? When Jamie and Claire arrive in Jamaica, they are invited to a lavish party at the Governors residence. He swims over to the ruined castle in the sea and climbs onshore to find her. Plus, It was the location of the murder of William Begbie. Click here to learn more about all the film locations inside and outside of Culross Palace. Years ago, they had the responsibility of preparing and sealing documents with the royal seal of the Scottish monarch. Again, most of the locations in this list were shot on location in Scotland. The back of this incredible property was transformed into an 18th century Parisian stables. Have you seen our latest Outlander character questions video? Outlander is filmed in Scotland, primarily at the Wardpark Studios at Cumbernaud near Glasgow. And yes, with a measure of humour thrown in. You can also see the duel location of Jamie and Black Jack Randall here and the grounds of the Scottish Festival in series 4. Click here to see when you can visit Carlisle Castle. This is the "Big House" and farm featured in the Outlander Series. The park, which is only a few miles from Edinburgh is still open and you can enjoy the many walks the estate provides. He refuses as he cannot put his men in danger. In the middle stood Netherbrow Port. Wonderful job. Ive tried calling, emailing but no reply. Where is Outlander filmed? I hear you cry. As well as the rooms, the Covenanter Hotel have a yummy restaurant, tea rooms and bar for a wee dram. So, you can visit their bar to have a wee dram or treat yourself to supper in their restaurant. I did try to attempt to visit here but arrived after opening hours and the main carpark was closed. Finally, he assumes a new identity as A. Malcolm and sets up a printer shop on Carfax Close in Edinburgh. Recreating history. Filming took place inside and outside of the church but what is was used for we dont know yet. Its in the spot near St Mungos tomb and theres a small sign with some behind the scenes photos. It is maintained by the Historic Environments Scotland and is free of charge. Anne de Beaupr but in the episode they dont really mention a name. Fans may love the fact they can actually rent out the same lodge as Brianna or Roger for the night. The house is located near Salisbury and is open on select dates from April September. Well, a nail-biting two week break seems a good time to reflect, no? Although almost all of Outlander has been filmed in Scotland, a few filming locations outside of Scotland have been used, including Prague, Czech Republic and Cape Town, South Africa. Driving into the main square is just like entering the first episode of Outlander. This gorgeous historic port wasnt in France at all but is located in Dysart Harbour, near Kirkcaldy in Fife. We will miss him. CLAIRES SURGERY What a set-up! We are all so thankful and grateful to those people right now. Claire visits the site in the 1960s to pay respects to Clan Fraser. When Claire goes to rescue Jamie with a couple of the MacKenzie men who volunteered. Its a popular town for beach holidays so you can take in the sea air while hunting for Outlander locations! I bought this gorgeous limited edition Outlander mug from Jane Booth Ceramics. Its an award-winning estate near Cape Town, that was built in the 1720s. Its amazing," Maril Davis, an executive producer on the show, said of the Big House interior. Its not working, I think theyre broken. Thankfully the redcoats leave and Jamie can come out, completely but naked! Jamie and Claire got me thru a divorce, hard times and raising my girls in rural Vermont. Even Diana Gabaldon (the author of the book series) won a National Tourism award. Gosford House was used again as the backdrop for Helwater Estate, but this time it was shot from the front of the house. Where were the outside shots of Jareds home filmed? In Season 3, eager teen Ian Fraser Murray (John Bell) is captured by pirates in the employ of slippery time traveler Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) known as Mrs. Abernathy/the Bakra. So, we know that the inside of Gosford house was used for the Earl of Ellesmeres estate. Both from the elements and people vandalising it. Then she is rescued by Murtagh and is brought to the MacKenzies. I tried and failed miserably to try and access by car. Although the stairs dont lead to anything and the print shop wont be there, you can still get some iconic photos and stand on the steps like Claire. Such is the pull of the story and characters that Gabaldon created, a world that the cast of Outlander and the show's tireless crew have brought to life since 2014. A good excuse for a weekend breaks away if ever I saw one! When I finally pulled up to the car park, the ferries stopped running and it would be a 3-mile walk. Its an authentic 18th-century cottage that is now derelict and abandoned. Its a FREE museum where you learn about life in the Highlands through time. "Our show always goes the extra step like that.". You can still visit the herb gardens where Claire and Geillis meet, however. "I had a tiny room about half the size of this van when I started," McEwan told me. Although we are unsure what scenes the area was used for in the series, what we do know is that the area around the Falls of Braan was used. Weve got photos and videos right here. Its FREE to visit and is open 24 hours a day. Later, he is brought to the Bakras home, Rose Hall, which turns out to be the home of Geillis Duncan! All the rooms and scenes shot inside River Run were made in a studio. Here, two rooms featured in Outlander; The Philosophical Hall where Jamie plays chess with Duverney. Where is Outlander filmed? In other words, unlike Downton Abbey, there's not much in the way of fine interiors and "Get that look" opportunities. Nothing magical happened, but that's totally fine: I love voting, indoor plumbing, and wearing pants too much to fall through the stones and find my Jamie. "Its quite rare that you work on something where there arent any egos, and everybody is so down to earth and so lovely and so welcoming that we do all genuinely get on that well. The inside of the house, that has been owned by the Dundas Family for over 400 years, was transformed into the reception for the theatre. There is a right-to-roam law in Scotland, where you can pretty much go anywhere you want, Davis told the New York Post. Youll also see an iconic archway that was shot in for the series. We are located in Duxbury on the South Shore of Massachusetts and offer luxury interior design and decorating services for New England, Massachusetts, Boston, South Shore, Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut as well as virtual, aka e-design, decorating services worldwide. Jamie and Claires North Carolina settlement is actually in the woods of Doune, Scotland. Years ago, the vicinity of Edinburgh only reached from Edinburgh Castle down to the border of Canongate. But, maybe youll have better luck? The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. If youre a fan of the time travel TV series Outlander, you may have fallen in love with the beautiful sets and filming locations used in the show. You can read my complete guide on how to book your stay for the night here. Let me know in the comments below what your experience was like. But, lots of fans visit Clava Cairns near Inverness as this is thought to be the main inspiration. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. On your visit, you can also see the gate that Brianna and Roger walkthrough on their visit in the 1960s. Recently, Sophie Skelton let slip in an interview that they were filming on a beach for season 5. Please note: Hot Topic ships to all 50 states, APO/FPO addresses, U.S. territories and possessions. But, it was only used for shots of the front anyway. In season 3, we learn of Franks fatal car crash in Boston. We did think about [shooting in] Jamaica, admits exec producer Maril Davis. Outlander fans can visit on their open days enjoy a walk in their beautiful parkland to see the area. She tells him about his daughter Bree and everything that happened after she went back through the stones. They then rescue Jamie and run away. So, Jamie has to hide in the river! It is voiced over iconic shots of the Scottish Highlands with mountains and lochs. Also, while Jamie and Claire are staying in La Havre, Claire discovers some sailors who are being carried into a warehouse. These airport scenes, you may be surprised to know were shot on the Link Bridge at the University of Stirling! So, we see Claire and Frank visit the campus on more than on occasion. Where is Outlander filmed? The streets were also cleared and lined with classic American cars. So, make sure you put in a request. So, Claire can save the boys life. Rupert is shot in one eye and wounded. The public was kept far away from filming. I actually stayed here during summer holidays in their rooms they rent out. But, its too late, he is captured on the Bruja. Jamie blames Claire for running away and getting captured. Walking onto the interior set for River Runthe plantation where Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) livesI was taken with how thoughtful every detail is, down to the doorknobs.

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outlander big house location
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